News round up – 6 December 2010

3 News, 6 December 2010. Protest in Auckland over Pacific trade deal

Radio NZ, 6 December 2010. NZ resists tough copyright stance/Protesters greet delegations

NZPA, 6 December 2010. Crowd protests at free trade talks.

NZ Herald, 6 December 2010. Trade talks protests planned as NZ cautions over rights

Fairfax Media, 6 December 2010. Tobacco giant’s call on law stirs up Greens and Deal ‘may plunder Kiwi economy’ and Small protest greets free trade delegates and Trans-Pacific Partnership talks underway

Newstalk ZB, 6 December 2010.  Trans Pacific Partnership protests

Radio NZ Morning Report, 6 December 2010.
A leaked paper shows New Zealand trade negotiators are resisting a tough stance from the United States on copyright enforcement and other intellectual property issues. (duration: 3′19″)
Streaming audio here, or download the mp3 file here.


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