No asset sales, no “Dunne deal” – weekend of actions against TPPA

This weekend saw a number of actions against the TPPA as part of protests nationally.

On Friday, the Ohariu Action Group on Privatisation & TPPA challenged Dunne’s ostrich position on the TPPA with a flag raising at his Johnsonville electoral office. The Ohariu citizens committee intend to keep the pressure on Peter Dunne who provides the 1-vote majority for the government to pass this bill. See John Maynard’s great interview on TV3 News.

At the Auckland March on Saturday 28 April several thousand anti-TPPA leaflets were handed out and the yellow and black placards were very visible. Click here to view and download the placards and leaflets

Around 500 people turned out in Nelson. In Rotorua media coverage made the links between the TPPA and privatisation in advance of the hikoi getting there.

Te Hikoi

Right now we need to get in behind the Aotearoa Not For Sale Hikoi and associated events as the most visible expression of our anger and frustration with the privatisers, the globalisers, the asset sales facilitators and all their ilk, making the links to how foreign investors will use the TPPA. This is now heading  from Auckland to Wellington, timed to reach Parliament on Friday 4 May. Join if and where you can.


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