International Supporters speak

Initially the TPP Watch site was predominantly aimed at people living in New Zealand. As the campaign has grown, people from other countries have chosen TPP Watch as an outlet for their opposition to the TPP.  These are some of the International supporters so far:

Leah Zajdman. (Canada) We can’t let this happen!

Dale Daines. (Australia)

Jen (Canada). I don’t care if this doesn’t do anything. What is this? Your role is not to control people. Your role is to run a country. Don’t ever try to abuse your powers.

Nicholas Williams. (Australia)

Guillermo Alvarez. (Guatemala)

Igor. (Serbia)

Anthony Correy. (United States). I was under the impression that US policy was to not enter into illegal cartel agreements.

Rane Aguiar. (Brazil)

Kyle Storer. (UK). The governments of the world are clearly showing just how corrupt and money hungry they are with SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and TPP. None of these acts can be allowed to pass. It will only lead to control and freedom being stripped from the public.

Russel Advincula. (Canada)

Excelsis A. (Australia)

Jordyn Parker. (Canada). This is literally the sixth or seventh bill I’ve seen in the past TWO MONTHS dealing with Internet censorship and ridiculous, over-the-top “copyright protection”. It’s getting f**king ridiculous and seriously pissing me and millions of others off, who do not want these bills or anything like them to be put into effect, ever. I am not excusing my language because that’s how upset I am about this entire issue. Yes, copyright infringement is an issue, but this is NOT AT ALL the way to go about trying to fix it.

Lori. (Canada)

The Pootis Man.

Ben Lister.

Oliver. (USA)

Elizabeth. (USA). Any government who agrees to this is the worst kind of traitor. Anyone who agrees to this is a murderer. The secrecy about this thing is the worst part. It can’t happen.

Alam Rodriguez. (Mexico)

Samantha Loh. (Malaysia)

Dustin McKenzie. (Australia)

Vicente. (Chile)

José Ramos Güereca. (Mexico)

Alexis H. (Australia)

Paula. (Colombia)

Yume. (Singapore)

Zoe Kozma. (United States)

Tabea Waizmann. (Germany)

Andrea Decker. (United States)

Ng Jiayi. (Malaysia)

John Ramirez. (United States)

Rinalda Faraian. (Romania). LEAVE THE INTERNET ALONE!

Daniela. (Chile)

Martin Jonikis. (Australia)

Key-Si. (Russia)

Laura Harmon. (UK)

Melesa. (Singapore)

Rodrigo. (UK)

Charmaine. (Singapore)

Cody. (Australia)

Cameron Kelly, Hardwater. (Netherlands) I’m a recording artist; it is in my name that these travesties of legislation are being forced through. I speak for all of us when I say “NO”.

Elise Holmes. (Netherlands)

Kate. (Canada). I’m getting really tired of these undemocratic corporate dictatorships trying to control the flow of information under the flimsy guise of “copyright.”I also hope the masterminds of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and TPP lose their shirts over this.

Tom Larson. (Canada). I am thoroughly vexed by these repeated efforts to compromise the integrity of the internet.

Nix. (Malaysia)

Owen Mooney. (UK). Are you f***ing serious, USA parliament? Really? You can’t just not try and break down basic civil rights for the sake of your goddamned copyright and agendas?

Kathleen Brenowitz. (United States)

Cristina. (Germany)

Darby. (Canada)

Tess Clements-Grimshaw. (Australia)

Frederik Seidelin. (Denmark). Just stop, please…

Amanda Milette. (Canada).

Colleen van Wijngaarden. (Netherlands). I don’t even have words for TPPA but these…

Pablo Bustamante. (Chile). I’m really angry that the government of my country, Chile, is participating in such a toxic and damaging agreement. We have to stop this now that we can. If SOPA taught us anything, is that working together really makes a difference.

Gillian Martin. (Canada).

Bob. (Canada)

Alicia Butteriss. (United States).

Emma. (Netherlands).

Patrick Collins. (UK).

Balrog Toaster. (Canada).

Nassim Habbash. (Italy). Man, the internetz are really dying…

Mark Cashman. (UK).

Rochelle Harper. (UK).

Kylie Boddy. (UK).

Keith Myers. (Australia).

Kaylie Tomasso. (USA).

Isobel. (USA).

Robert Kelly. (UK).

Catherine Higgins. (UK).

Cristina B. (Spain).

Lillian. (USA).

Keira. (UK).

Victoria. (USA).

Natalia. (Brazil).

Evana Aryametta. (Indonesia).

Marco Antonio González Leyton. (Chile).

Anthony Mecca. (United States).

Meredith Katz. (Canada). ENOUGH. Give us democracy.

Carla. (Mexico).

Fabio. (Italy).

Bethany Law. (UK).


Anna Larsson. (Sweden).

Lorna Becker. (UK).

Tibor Gacs. (Hungary).

Lizzy. (Australia).

Erina M.(USA).

Tommy. (UK).

Rastislav Svarb, NGO SciFi-Guide (United States).

Vojtech. (Czech Republic). This is bull****!

Kim Freeman. (United States).

Rebecca Ritter. (United States).

Sarah. (United States).

John Meister. (Canada). Lets work together to create a free and fair flow of information to all of our world.

Sheila Menon. (UK).

Sam McBride. (Australia). Looking at the wording of this bill, corporate profits obviously take precedence over free speech/the generation of ideas/sharing of valuable information for the genuine advancement of others. This type of legislation disgust me.

Tiago. (Brazil). Stop trying to censor the only place we can actually be free

Kata. (Finland).

Steven Gill. (Australia). Why are none of the news providers in Australia providing this information to the general public?

W. A. Wolf. (Malaysia). The worst part of this is the secrecy. Or perhaps the worst part is how much trouble anyone would get into even just opposing this act in some of these countries. I hope it gets abolished like there’s no tomorrow.

Marilia Ribeiro. (Brazil).

Lenora Pentecost. (United States).

Fer. (Mexico). Alright. I’m not quite sure if the goverment is hearing this. If so, let me tell you, what you’re doing here isn’t good. Clearly, it would rise protests around the world, but yet, you people can’t just make it all secret. Because you just failed again. If you do this, those days of protests and fights from long ago before the 21th century will be reborn. Do you wish that suffering to happen again? Try with the current public treats, like OPEN perhaps?

Kristen. (Singapore).

Arun Bhatia. (India). Even though I am not in any of the countries which are negotiating the TPP, I feel it is just a mater of time before US will start peddling it elsewhere as well. The debacle of SOPA and PIPA are perfect examples that the US policy makers have gone bonkers, and are not in touch with reality.

Parth. (Canada).

Mel Ng. (Hong Kong).

Justin. (Canada). The Trans Pacific Partnership is just one of the many threats to the internet as we know it. It’s clear that the government and big corporations will not stop until you have complete control of the internet. However, the average user, like myself, will not stop defending our rights to use the internet as we see fit.

John Fontanes. (United States).

Shaylin Ambrose. (United States).

Joshua Renfrey. (Australia). TPP’s IP provisions are a blatant attack on culture and innovation.

Laurence de Bruxelles. (UK)

Carlos Alén. (Spain). Negotiation of agreements behind closed doors is NOT democracy.

Gacs Katalin. (Hungary).

Alex Anusca. (UK).

Reuben Thomas. (UK). When will you stop attacking our internets?

redsupoler. (Germany).

Philipi Nicolas, Universo Verde NGO. (Brazil). The TPP contain a chapter on Intellectual Property (copyright, trademarks, patents and perhaps geographical indications) that will have a broad impact on citizens’ rights, the future of the Internet’s global infrastructure, and innovation across the world. WE DISAGREE!

Angie. (United States).

Kate Mckenzie. (Canada).

Michaela Riecanova. (Slovakia).

Elisabeth Stockinger. (UK).

Javiera González. (Chile)

Ricardo. (Chile)

Tyler Vincent. (United States)

Juliusz. (UK)

Edward Wall. (UK)

Mauricio Sordi. (Brazil).

JC Evans. (United States).

Radivoje Suntov. (Netherlands)

Nico Meier. (Germany)

Rok Bračun. (Slovenia)

Eric D, I-Volve. (France)

Ondřej Václavík. (Czech Republic)

DJ. (Dominican Republic)

Satria. (Indonesia)

Tiffany. (Canada)

Seijitsu. (United States). Laws like this are the enemy of free expression of ideas, and the circulation of human knowledge. This cannot come to pass. It must not. It is intolerable and an insult to all of the ideals I have come to hold dear.

Arthur. (Spain)

Vlad Golofeev. (Ukraine)

Jose A. Rodriguez. (United States)

Maurício Gomes. (Brazil)

Marius Mikeliūnas. (Lithuania)

Eduardo Castro. (Brazil)

elvir. (United States)

Lucas Correa. (Brazil).

Brennan White. (United States). I am a young man, hoping for a brighter future for my children one day. F**k Them Pigs.

Hans Rijfkogel. (The Netherlands)

Jeannette. (Finland)

George Harvey. (UK)

Anonymous. (United States). Why is it that things can’t be left alone and remain the same?

Mike Greber. (Canada)

John Kokoszka. (United States)

Mats Zackrisson. (Sweden)

Trevor. (United States)

Shaun. (Singapore)

Costas C. (Cyprus)

Jan Rupert I. Alfeche. (Philippines). Restrictions are like dams on a river. They can screw up the environment and the people who thrive on it.

Nicolas Bourgarel. (France)

Mubarek. (UK). We don’t need spies

Jessie Walters, Anonymous. (United States).

Simon. (Country unknown)

Jimmy. (Germany)

Ruairí Kell. (Ireland)

Joshua Collins. (United States).

Jack Mcdermott. (UK)

Manuel. (Spain). Stop try to censure the Internet!

Ramona Asche. (Germany)

Jean-Philippe Loyer. (Canada)

Charles King. (United States)

James Green. (UK). Stop it.

Carlos Alves. (Brazil)

Sara. (United States)

Adam. (Canada)

Aoife Giles. (Ireland)

Eirene. (Moldova)

Adam Battishill. (UK)

Avada. (Country unknown)

JM CIery. (France). Stop trying to control the internet. this is a neutral place where the freedom of expression reign, and trying to censor the web is the best way to lead to another world war.

Tyler Searls. (United States)

Elyana Fontame (Country unknown)

Josh Livingston. (United States)

Tom. (Netherlands). Stop this sh**t.

Carlos Carreño. (Mexico)

Cristina. (Paraguay). I think they should stay with the money they earn, but this bussiness is pure greed they take from us and from the artist who they say they are protecting.

Lukas B Nordentoft. (Denmark)

Velitchko Filipov. (Austria)

Sushant. (India). Let’s fight this.

Jose Costa. (Portugal)

Ashleigh Shelley. (United States)

Jasmine. (Italy)

Wil Burge. (Wales). Expect us.

Chris Bloch. (Netherlands)

Daniel. (Spain). I won’t be tamed by those mother f****rs who only want their own good

Jon Smith. (United States)

Sean Hatter. (United States)

Marcos. (United States)

K.A. (Germany)

Chris Oleo. (United States). Censorship is wrong!  Halt the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement!  Stop these mad bills and trade agreements across the globe that are trying to end the internet as we know it!

Brandon. (United States).

Simon. (Poland).

Darius. (Lithuania). People are not informed, people are being kept in darkness while some people sign documents like TPP, which affect many yet no information or little information is being released for public. This is not how documents like these should be signed.

Alexandria. (Sweden) 😦

tavernier. (France)

Johan Tenbrink. (Sweden). New laws, same sh**

Marcelo Urrutia. (El Salvador)

Nick Owens. (United States)

Luka. (Slovenia)

Thomas Colford. (Canada)

Ellen. (Sweden) Why?

Roberto Camargo. (Colombia). Continue the struggle for the freedom of the internet and the people.

Roberts. (Latvia)

Marijo U. (Germany). Stop censoring the internet, let the people decide what they want.Democracy.

Rick Pelphrey. (United States).

Shaina. (United States)

Rune Nordblom. (Ireland).

Francesco. (Italy)

Matthew. STOP TRYING TO CENSOR US! (United States)

Andrei Neagu. (Romania)

Michael Suess. (Germany)

Christian Funder. (United States)

Kyle Fullmer. (United States)

Uriel. (México). Consider the interests and rights of all humanity!

Diogo. (Portugal)

Rodney Feller. (United States)

Céline. (France). Don’t want someone watching above my shoulder. Politics should remember who votes for them. Law are made for the people, by people’s representatives, not by dollars. Read your Constitution…

Julie. (Country unknown)

Dylan. (United States). Give up, already.

Olivier Dussol. (France)

Chris Armstrong. (Ireland)

Adam Carruthers. (Canada)

Eric Van Laarhoven. (United States). Stop TPPA.

João Érique Tourinho Amorim. (Brazil). “To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.” -Tacitus

Timothy S LaRock. (United States)

Klaas. (Belguim)

Vitautas. (Estonia)

Laura Potter. (United States)

Willy. (Peru)

Antonio Gonzalez Gonzalez. (Spain)

Dalton Dobson. (United States)

Menardi Karst. (Finland)

Tsumetai Ryujin. (Croatia)

Nicholas Penner. (Canada)

Sidharta Prahladsingh. (Netherlands)

Gregor. (Slovenija)

Mario Pojedinec. (United States)

Rex. (Taiwan)

Jürgen Van Meerhaeghe. (Belgium)

Larry Bavier. (United States)

Armando. (United States)

Martin. (Bulgaria)

Guilherme Rocha Carvalho, Fazenda Pindaiba. (Brazil)

Sebastian Petrenyi. (Canada). World governments! Why do you make up so many stupid laws in different versions?

Elvis. (Mexico)

Arriane Junio. (United States). Do you guys not even think about the citizens?

Nick Johnson. (Australia)

Dennis Bryson. (Canada). Enough already. Take the hint.

Jon-Erik Smith. (United States)

Steven Bryant. (United States). Stop with the internet treaties.

Elise. (United States)

Daniel Nickel. (United States)

Jess. (United States)

Mads. (Denmark)

Sylwia Kucinska. (Country unknown)

Nicolas De Sousa. (Venezuela)

Jasmine Haskell. (Indonesia)

Tim Shortt. (United States)

OZANNE. (France)

Duncan Baker. (UK)

Bradley. (United States)

Ieva. (Latvia)

Christina. (United States)

Casey Chavez. (United States)

John Ramirez. (United States)

KT. (Country unknown)

Aaron Edwards. (United States)

Emma. (UK)

Jessica Hernandez. (United States)

Anonymous. (Country unknown)

Eli. (Colombia)

Brandon Ott, Anonymous. TPP shall not pass.

Mario Huezo. (United States)

Ed. (Canada). There should be absolutely no law that exists that punishes an individual from using his/her leagely purchased copyright property to be used in a non commercial way as he/she see fits. Why should another country be forced to conform to US laws why not the other way around.

Ryan Connor. (UK)

Reem. (Qatar)

Melissa. (United States)

Alex Williamson. (England). Freedom.

Michiel de Vries. (Netherlands)

Miguel. (Venezuela)

Sonya Heinrich. (United States)

Guillaume. (Canada)

Zach. (Country unknown)

Martin. (Germany)

Adrien Valenzuela. (France). As a citizen who will be severely affected by TPPA, I am shocked that this legislation has been drafted without public access to the text or any respect for the democratic process. I remind you that it is your job and your duty to understand precisely the effects that legislation will have on the people, and to act in the people’s interest. TPPA is finally coming to the people’s attention, and we are collectively outraged. The internet has grown to be the most important platform for information sharing and granting power to the people in the history of mankind. TPPA will fundamentally destroy the openness and ingenuity of the Internet, lacks democratic credibility, and poses a serious threat to free speech that wrongly requires ISPs to surveil and police their users. I urge you to withhold consent on this agreement, seek to draft better legislation with more respect for the rights of the person, and to stand up for democracy and the fundamental rights of every human across the world.

Lucas A. (Brazil). Stop Censorship

Brendan Swift. (Ireland). Expect us, corrupt government and multinationals! We won’t stand for your treaties and laws that seek to further your own selfish interests but cast aside our essential freedoms!

Christian. (United States)

Gerrit Brunink. (Netherlands)

Michael Cameron. (Australia)

Mike Kanoff. (United States)

Hadiyah K. (UK)

Baron. (France). “ACTA/SOPA/PIPA/TPP m’a tuer” -The Internet

Spade Wallach. (United States)

Ashe Hollaway. (United States)

Channing Milburn. (United States)

Frederik Colpman. (UK)

Mick Dré. (Netherlands)

Karina Lopes. (Brazil)

Donald Laniohan. (United States)

Sean. (Ireland)

Ben. (United States). Stop TPP!

Chris. (Netherlands) Hee there i would like to have a talk with all the b****rds that came up with this idea! i mean what are those guys thinking lets screw up the internet? we need it for almost everything and this f*cking goverment just going to think o yeah lets block sites where you can download stuff for free and worst of all you they keep it a secret… i thought the internet suppose to be a freedom where you can upload and watch what you want this is even in a statement so i would say: GOOD JOB THEY  screwed everything up where people worked for to get what it is today people actually get killed because they believed in freedom of speech.. and we even do our opinion because they ingore it anyway and we will get problems for doing that they F*cked everything up just so that companys can make a fortune because they are too lazy to do anything so not just they broke a regulary rule.. but they broke the rule to have.. freedom so im going to end typing because i isnt going to matter anyway but i leave it with a quote that you will probably like.. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

Jasenko. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Thomas P. (Romania). F**k the stupid goverments , fuck them , they will fail

Rajeev. (India).

Omeg Hosemary. (Brazil)

Anna Brown. (United States)

Stephanie Reznicek. (United States)

Sasha Knowles. (United States). The internet has become an everyday part of most people’s lives. Trying to tamper with it and control it will always fail. It is the one thing that is truly run by the People, and the People will not let that last freedom be taken from them. We are not animals. We are not pets. We are not meant to be contained and controlled. Each attempt has come up a failure, and this is how it should be. Don’t let fear and power control you. It will, eventually, destroy you if you let it.


Claudia. (Mexico)

Bryan Loveless. (United States).

Larry Woods. (United States).

Carlos Moreno. (United States).

Audrey Baker. (United States).

Jose Lazcano. (Mexico)

Felicity Dear. (UK)

Stephen Herbert. (United States)

Joanna. (Poland)

Brandon Feist. (United States)

Ruth Humphreys. (UK)

Sara Costa. (Portugal)

Rafe Beatty. (Canada)

Patrick Annabel. (United States)

Jonathan Furest. (United States)

Claudine Mompremier. (United States)

Antonio Magalhães. (Brazil). Let’s crush this project by people’s opinion and union.

Murray Soko. (Canada). Human rights is a house of cards. The multitude of laws being rushed into place of late, in the name of copyright and trade reform, pose a clear and present danger to the freedoms we hold dear, and set a dangerous precedent for further erosion of these rights. TPP must not be ratified.

Jorma. (Finland)

Ari Tikka. (Finland). This treaty allow governments to break human rights. It is only a matter of time when that will be misused. I mean in the “democratic” western civilizations.

Sebastian Wallin. (Sweden)

Scott Plowman. (Australia). I hope we aren’t too late before this government who are meant to be looking after OUR best interests sell us down the river for the big $ lobbyists..
Come on Julia Gillard… Do at least one good thing before you are booted out…

Aleksandar Kospenda. (Iceland). Stop pushing these “trade” bills around the would. In a bigger picture you can clearly see that this will cause problems in the future.

Martin. (Slovakia).

Logan Cobb. As a consumer and constituent, I am very concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement currently being negotiated by the Office of the United States Trade Representative. Previous free trade agreements have exported controversial aspects of U.S. copyright law, without the balancing exceptions and limitations in U.S. copyright law that enable freedom of expression and have allowed innovation to flourish. Reports indicate that the USTR tabled an intellectual property chapter that follows this approach at the most recent round of negotiations. I am concerned that this will lock-in controversial aspects of US law, restricting Congress’ ability to craft laws that meet U.S. domestic priorities, and eliminate potential export markets for innovative U.S. consumer electronics and technology companies. I am disturbed to discover that this agreement, which could have such wide-ranging effects on American citizens and the dynamic technology sector, is being conducted entirely behind closed doors in an opaque and profoundly undemocratic process. U.S. copyright law includes a carefully crafted balance of public and private rights that encourages creation, while providing incentives for innovation, and access for education, libraries and other socially beneficial purposes. Balanced policy making that serves the needs of all stakeholders in the information economy requires transparency. I urge you to bring transparency to this agreement and ensure that the TPP text reflects the interests of all U.S. industries and citizens. I ask you please to: * Call for a congressional hearing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, so that Congress can hear from all affected stakeholders and provide meaningful input into the content. * Call for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to release the text of the agreement and solicit public comments.

William Strom. (United States). We demand transparency.

Chris Downs. (UK). The very fact that this is being set up and signed behind closed doors AND being kept secret for four years after that, speaks volumes.

Petrus Savolainen. (Finland)

Ben Turner. (Australia)

Randall Johnson. (United States). Censorship bill after censorship bill, something should be done to permanently protect against these destructive ideals.

Reynaud. (France)

Lander Ellis. (United States)

David Matta. (Peru). We need to support the freedom of the internet! don’t let them control it!

Alfredo Sinco. (United States)

Miles. (United States)

Austin Martin. (United States)

Sarah Aguilar. (United States)

Ivan Rolim. (Brazil). Neither PIPA, SOPA, ACTA and TPP will cure the problem of pirating copyrighted files, as they can still be done anonymously, even more with people that used to do that for living (ie. to get a good leisure time alone).

Katie Ballinger. (Canada)

Roel Willms. (Netherlands)

Emilia Lombardi. (Peru)

Kemar Johnson. (Canada). I support Anonymous.. please keep me up to date!!!

Martin. (United States)

Raitis. (Latvia)

Ismael Moncayo. (Russia)

Greg Brown. (United States)

Nick Gerald, The 99%. (United States)

Matthew Gargiulo. (United States)

Nick. (Canada)

Madison V. (United States)

Tomasz G. (United States)

Dante. (Mexico) Internet must be free!!!

Richard Marshall. (UK)

Abby. (United States)

Rachael Soden. (Ireland)

Lesa Young. (Russian Federation).

Riley. (United States)

Anatoliy. (United States)

Lonnie Mann. (United States)

Renan. (Brazil)

Ian Scheidler. (United States)

Trevor H. (United States).

Ruby Tombstone. (Australia). Who is the US to control the internet?  It belongs to everyone, and effects all of our civil rights.

Ray Y. (Australia)

Joseph. (United States). Freedom

Alex. (United States). Lets beat these a*****es.

ben0bi. (Switzerland).

Logan. (Australia)

Jose. (United States). These decisions are to important to be hidden from the rest of the world, further more, if it wasn’t something unjust it wouldn’t be hidden at all.

Midori Imamura. (Japan). Started campaign against TPPA on February 1, 2012.→

Subramanyaramanah Ganesan. (Malaysia)

Jessica. (Germany)

Alex. (Country unknown). STOP F***ING WITH OUR FREEDOM

Thomas Jenkins. (Austria)

Deividas. (Lithuania) STOP ACTA and all other sh**!

Stephen Woodard.  (UK) I for one oppose the TPP legislation on grounds of censorship. As Hollywood loses every copyright battle and attempt to kill off competition in order to avoid updating their tired business model, they just bounce back and try again. Let this opposition be another reminder to them to leave the internet alone and step up their game in developing and adapting to the information age.

Jacob. (United States)

Brian Warner. (United States). From what I understand so far, TPP would make a massive impact on ordinary citizens and small business in all the nations forced to enter this agreement, and inflict harm on various industries. Another direct concern are its possible effects on intellectual property and internet privacy, which may obtain an even worse influence than what ACTA has in store. The incident with SOPA was an alarming wake up call, but it appears we’ve only seen a taste of what the U.S. government has planned.

Michael McGreish. (UK)

Jelica Roland. (Country unknown)

Lydia W. (Germany)

Paul Van Dyke. (Australia)

Renaud Krumenacher. (Switzerland). With these kinds of treaties ( ACTA, TPP ) countries tries to keep alive an economic model that, in my opinion, has obviously failed. (Can somebody please tell me which democratic country does not crawl under debt?) This signature is my contribution to the tentative to stop such actions, and let the system change to a, hopefully, better one.

Krzysztof Dobosz. (Poland). STOP censorship!

Danny Burgoyne. (Canada). By obliging nations to treat temporary reproductions of copyrighted works as copyright infringement, this act would make the running of a copyrighted program a criminal offense since a program is copied to RAM before execution.  We need to dispose of lawmakers who do not understand the ramifications of the legislation they propose.

Jan Marti, Marti IT Services. (Switzerland). 1. It’s undemocratic because the negotiations are secret. 2. It violates the principle of proportionality.

Chloe. (Canada).

Adam. (United States). This censorship and monitoring everyones business needs to stop you say its in the best intrest of the people but you are just restricting peoples freedom further this is oppressive and all its benefiting is the government and big corporations this is not in the best interest of the people and this needs to be stopped.

Hwang. (South Korea). We fight for freedom.

Guilherme. (Portugal).

Kate Slavova. (Country unknown)

Sven Haßler. (Germany). Stop fooling people!

Jean-Philippe Duchesne. (Country unknown)

Houston Keene. (United States). Do not pass this! For one, this is violating our first amendment rights, big time! If you aren’t careful, something bad might happen! You never know how people could react to this being passed!

Joan CasasHernandez. (Spain).

Lorenzo. (Italy)

Ben Steenson. (Country unknown).

Claudia. (Portugal)

Henry Tilk. (Estonia).Dont silence me 😦

Hugh Jazz. (Finland). What you are doing is inhuman and against the freedom of speech. You are invading a world beyond your understanding. You’re invading another dimension. A dimension not only of sound and vision but of mind. This is not a new world or otherwise, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned the ripping imprint on the pages of history since the beginning of time. And the people of this dimension will not take lightly being threatened, for we are The Anonymus. We are a legion. We never forgive. We never forget. And under no circumstances shall we talk about /b/! F*** THE U.S.A!!

Darren Gibbard. (United Kingdom).

Gunnar Mose. (Germany). Don’t toy with peoples rights !!!

Daniele Tamagni. (Italy).

Navin Innasi. (Malaysia).

Luis G Moyano. (Spain).

Amanda. (United Kingdom).

Lucio. (Italy).

Keith Guthmiller. (Canada).I’m from Canada but the internet is global. Don’t try to censor it or shut it down. We elected our government officials to run our respective countries in our best interests. They are our employees and are not listening to us. Be warned, we WILL fight back! You push and we the people will push back harder! There are more of us than there are of you. Remember that. Time to listen to the people again. That is true democracy.

Ulises Abel Arias García. (El Salvador).

Joshua Ackroyd, Alvina. (Country unknown).

Ziggy. (United States). Enough attacks on the internet, free speech and creativity. The future lies in people, not corporate interests. End this trade agreement now..

Jostein Johnsen. (Norway).

v. (Israel).

James. (United Kingdom).

Aaron Low. (Malaysia). We as humans naturally want to share the things that we love to other people … if every little thing we do could be copy right infringement …. what is the point ?

Elias Persson. (Sweden).

Bizau V. Cristian. (Romania).

Mateusz. (Poland).

John Lidström. (Sweden).

Kirill Kronhardt. (Germany).

Abigail Jardine-smith. (United Kingdom).

Kyle Cobb. (United Kingdom).

Chuan De Sheng. (Singapore). The internet is a place to express informatin freely. If those government dicks wish to destroy this haven, we would destroy them first.

Samuel. (Australia). Lololol f**k TPP.

Michael Thomas O’Flaherty. (United Kingdom).I made a video covering my disgust at hearing the news of The UK along with other EU Member States, Signed ACTA.

Daniel Kong. (Singapore).
Marno Rossouw. (South Africa).

Scott Hayden. (United Kingdom). Keep off people’s rights you corrupted ‘leaders’.

André Wemme. (Sweden).

David Stewart. (United Kingdom).

Sofie. (Sweden).

James. (Australia).

Plamen. (Bulgaria).

Hristo Genadiev Ganchev. (Bulgaria).

Josephine Rose. (United Kingdom).

Felix Winther Bryngell. (Norway).

Eric – Mapache. (Spain).

Christopher Brundrett. (United Kingdom).

Jonne Viitanen. (Finland).

Jacob Khoo. (Australia). People want freedom, not a different Saddam Hussein ruling the *world*

Simon Jörger. (Germany).

Robert Richter. (Germany).

Tony King. (Canada).

Radoslav Kovac. (Slovakia).

Vasilis Bris. (Greece).

Petter Thorstvedt. (Norway). How come they dont know when to stop? SOPA, PIPA, ACTA now this! Dear goverments of the world. You shouldnt try to keep stuff like this secret, also when you fail, stop trying!

Tomáš Hupcej. (Slovakia). I wish you best of luck guys.I am all sick for these copyright issues,may this nightmare finally end!

Mitch Kooiman. (United States).

Bruce Wayne. (United States).

David Minin. (Canada).

Stuart Segers. (Country unknown).

Tommy Hurley. (United States). TPP is a violation of freedom. The fact that the government thinks it can get away with these acts and agreements that benefit big businesses proves how power-hungry and corrupt they are. This is a FREE country with a government for the people. People should not fear their government, a government should fear it’s people. So when the government takes your freedom… you take down the government.

Michael Harvey. (United States).

Marc Christian Hagemann. (United States).

Condrat Adrian. (Romania).

Gabriel. (Switzerland).

Alex Aranow. (United States).

Cody William Forsyth. (United States).

Romeu Neves. (Portugal).

Gytis Velykis. (Lithuania).

Lauri Retulainen. (Finland).

Meitsi. (Finland).


Allie Bertholm. (Canada). Although I am from Canada, and this doesn’t affect us directly, our internet is tightly interwoven with the USA’s. If someone could get jail time for something on one of their own websites, what’s to say that they wouldn’t come across the borders to prosecute us for doing the same thing? That is assuming that Canada doesn’t sign on, too.

George Craig Jardine. (United Kingdom). Stop bombarding the populous with act after act. We did not want the first and we will not want the last. You are trying to force something through multiple times in different names until we miss it.

Jari. (Finland).

Mats Leo Sønsterud. (Norway).

Uwe Geller. (Germany). I believe this is not going to be read. If it is, it’s probably going to be by a person without the power to change the final decision more than I do. I write this, as an appeal to anyone who is willing to read. Most nations negotiating this treaty right now are a democracy. A state, where freedom and well being of the most people is valued. I ask you, any of you: Why are laws like the TTP kept secret from the general public? Why are the people with power forced to be silent by corporations, and bribed to give laws like these their voice? Why does the individual not worth anything but it’s consumption anymore? Why is the wide public restricted, and put under surveillance with these laws?
I have no answers. No-one does, as there are no valid excuses for these things. I hope that this message is spread far and wide, and that the leaders of our world finally come to open their eyes.
Thank you for reading.

Saphira A.M. (Indonesia).

Byndy Stork. (Country unknown).

Ashleigh Chirnside. (Australia).

Ken Gentle. (Australia).

Nick Groenen . (Netherlands).

Deborah L. (Malaysia). What needs to stop is all these b****ks of agreements that pose a threat to basic human rights! What NEEDS to be done is change in corporate policies and how you sell things! The times are changing and you can’t cling tightly onto old methods!

David Naunkovic. (Austria). I was reading up on the ACTA policy – and researched more and got here.

Robert Jones. (Country unknown). The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied chains us all irrevocably.

Helene Kippert. (Australia).

Massimiliano Ingrosso. (Italy).

Salvatore. (Switzerland). Stop making laws!

mzc. (Malaysia).

Sam Howes. (Australia).

Anmol Gulati. (Canada).

Simon Iversen. (Sweden). I understand that stoping piracy is *one* of the goals with these these re-ocurring attempts to outlaw filesharing. But it is important to understand that any one law can affect more than any one goal, and it is my honest opinion that passing a law such as the SOPA, the PIPA, the TPP and the ACTA propositions would, quite frankly, be like shooting yourself in the foot, with a nuke… Why? Because these propositions, as has been pointed out by some of the most notable internet engineers would have effects beyond the purpose of these laws (unless there’s a hidden agenda?). These engineers know what they are talking about, and there is a reason for why so many hold them is such high regards – they have invested  lifetime into their area. So I implore you – Please reconsider!

Miranda Miller. (Canada).

Nina McKay. (Austria).

Karel. (Netherlands).

Lachie Mowat. (Australia).

Monique Wakelin. (Australia).

Tracie Carvin. (Australia).

Carmen Diaconu. (Romania).

N Lean. (Australia).

Ricardo Rainho. (Portugal).

HyunKyoung Jung. (South Korea).

mitsuru. (Japan).

cheah jin heng. (Malaysia). I’m ashamed that my country is even participating in this nonsensical ‘agreement’.The politics in my country has been becoming downhill and it is now stooping even lower with this. let us work together to stop this bullshit.

Jessica McLain. (United States).

Bill Totten, K K Ashisuto. (Japan)

Russell Cavanagh, Blogger an Journalist. (United Kingdom).

S.M. De Kuyper. (Netherlands). The process of secrecy is to remove all checks and balances in negotiating trade agreements and removes decisively the rule of International Humanitarian Laws.  Such as checks against the selling of seeds that are genocidal in use, checks against the building of nuclear reactors when the population affected by them refuses their use.  Cows for feed infected with Mad-Cow disease can, under these laws, be sold as proper food.  And have been by the US international corporations since 2006-7.  That is when the US labelling laws were simply ignored under President Bush 11.  Spaniards were in the streets protesting the US pressure for the Spanish government to buy US beef citing proofs that Mad-Cow disease was prevalent in US slaughter houses.

Salem Rottenberg. (Australia).

Barney Collington. (United Kingdom).

Matt Long. (United Kingdom). Copyright is restrictive enough as it is, with copyrights lasting excessive amounts of time (denying the free exchange of knowledge and hindering innovation). copyright terms should be reduced with extensions granted only in exceptional circumstances, abolish or reduce measrues such as drm, censorship etc.

Heather Forbes. (Australia).

Shaun Bouckaert. (Australia).

Angus Foggo. (Australia).

Lina Hammadeh. (United States).

Dayle Gibson. (United Kingdom).

Michael Crook. (Australia).

Heidi Peart. (Australia).

Steve Muzza. (Australia).

Vivian Moore. (Australia).

Karl Fitzgerald, Earthsharing Australia. (Australia). Another tactic to reduce national sovereignty so that speculators can slide in and snap up more strategic assets ie land and public utilities so they can then start charging the earth.

Shane Ralston. (Australia).

Dean O’Callaghan, The good brew company. (Australia).

James Skalkos. (Australia).

Cheryl & Klaus Kaulfuss. (Australia).

Elizabeth Kinsella. (Australia). I am not a piece of value added capital.

Kihei soli niheu, NFIP Hawaii. (United States).

Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance. (Australia).

Dani Ardid. (Spain).

Emily Arch. (Australia).

Michael Keyes. (Republic of Ireland)

Liam Mac Gabhann. (Republic of Ireland)

Ilektra Haralabopoulou. (Greece).

Anthony Fitzgerald. (Republic of Ireland). Stop Americans taking over the Internet they think they own the world and all in it

Andrea Brower. (United States)

Thanutporn Phanitkitjaroen, Bangkok University. (Thailand)

Nikki Galley. (United States).

mfdartic. (Austria).

Simon. (Canada). TPP must go! It is evil!

Kay. (United States).  Corporations and profit should never come before the will of the people or the liberty of the people.

Ron Lehman. (Canada). Let’s do everything to stop TPPA and get back to ‘ordinary times’ and stop destroying our planet to feed the greedy speculators and 1% rich people.

Dayle Gibson. (United Kingdom).

Taylor. (United States)

Blanca Garcia-Rinder. (United States).

Erick Martínez. (Mexico).

Agnes W Bannister. (United States).

Paul Medder. (Brazil).

Martina Fink. (Germany).

Simon. (Canada).

José Muelas Cerezuela. (Spain)

Rebecca McLaren. (Australia). This is ridiculous and has such wide reaching negative impacts. How could anyone think this was a good idea?

Belinda Brown. (Australia).

Fleur Adcock. (Australia).

Reinaldo. (Dominican Republic).

Darren Dixon. (Canada).

Heidi Holliger. (United States). Just another rotten “trade deal” that destroys a country’s sovereignty while handing our lives and well-being over to corporations.  World fascism anyone?

Jack Rising. (Canada).

Ben Katchor. (United States).

John Melody. (United States).

Ryan Cypret. (United States). This is my middle finger to corporate sovereignty!  Everyone involved in these secret talks should be tried for treason!

Sam. (Canada).

Henry Butts. (Canada). STOP Caging us in and limiting what we do Canada! Enough is ENOUGH!

Henri Jourdain. (United States).

Prasad. (Malaysia).

Daniel. (Sweden).

Bart Hawkins Kreps. (Canada).

Barry Gilpin. (Canada).

Michael Mcdonald. (Canada).

Ingrid Harris. (Canada). Such an agreement will suffocate creativity and free expression, but, I suppose, that’s the idea.

Noelene Nabulivou. Development Alternatives with Women for a New era (DAWN). (Fiji).

Howard Lane, GreenNet. (United Kingdom).

Ian Alexander. (United States). Eroding one nation’s national sovereignty in the name of another nation’s interests is one thing; eroding the very concept of national sovereignty in the name of capital is another thing entirely. This pact needs to die.

Brianna Algrabeli. (United States). Shocked, horrified, and mad as hell!!  Evil will always lash out strongest as it senses its own imminent demise.  It is our duty to stay strong and fight for the right of humans for generations to come to live a natural, self-determined life.  Every generation has had its war.  This is ours.  To arms!!

Darjan OBlak. (Slovenia).

Joao Matos. (Portugal).

Nick. (Canada).

Sharon Moreno. (United States).

Dennis Woolley. (United States).

Joana Lopes. (Portugal).

Marco Vilas-Boas. (Portugal).

Jack Geraghty. (Australia).

Ben Kross. (Australia).

John Lehmann. (Australia). These undemocratic, closed door discussions have to stop.

Gary Coady. (Republic of Ireland).

Cr trevor Buising. (Australia).

Raúl Mejía. (Mexico).

Will Coertnik. (United States).

Elisa Wiik. (Finland).

Daniel J. Majdali. (United States).

Yukio Hayakawa. (Japan).

Tim (Malaysia).

Jeanine Molloff, UK Progressive (United States).

C. A. E. Jones. (United States).

Masakazu. (Japan). In JAPAN,people live in country know TPPA, but people in TOKYO do not know TPPA. Because major news paper do not tell us.

Cecily Engelhart. (United States).

Will Andrews. (United States).

Jan Ballard. (United States). Are they insane??  We have no government anymore–only a corporate take-over and they now want to further their ability to screw us over and answer to no rules or law?? No way! COME ON!!!—I would personaly like to know the name of every elected official who is supporting this crap. We, American people, do not want the NWO, do not want more corporate control and are sick and tired of being lied to about every issue.  SO—NO TPP!!! We have a fake president, fake wars, fake FRN’s,a private banking system that is destroying our economy on purpose, fake elections,and a main-stream media that only knows how to report on celebrity fashion, and we know all this now so don’t even bother to deny any of it.The truth is coming out and the truth will set us all free.  Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, rich people who have no souls,or humanity, we know who you are and what you are doing and we are sick of it. May God have mercy on you because the rest of us do not have much sympathy left for you. NO TPP!!

L Wilson. (United States).

Fran Murrell. (Australia).

Lisa Hodgson. (Australia). Please do everything you can to prevent this agreement from going forward.

Andi. (Australia). Any agreement that gives corporations precedence over a sovereign country’s laws has little to do with free and fair trade and a lot to do with increased corporate greed and reduced living standards.

Cindy O’Connor. (Australia)

Erica Hedberg. (Australia). Stop this folly before it’s too late!

Andrea Mallett. (Australia). The rates of allergies and asthma in children in America are increasing in huge numbers along with the increase in foods containing GM products in their diets. Is this coincidence or not??? If not, why are these huge companies like Monsanto not spending the millions they are spending on fighting labelling of GM foods on proving that GM foods are safe. I suspect they already know the answer to this and don’t want us to know. The health of Americans whose food production contains 70-80% of GM foods should be a warning to the rest of us. We do not need or want GM foods.

Kaye Laidlaw. (Australia). I am a retired chef, a concerned parent and grandparent and now operate a small organic farm. We all have much to lose if this monster is unleashed.

Gayle Magennis Maldiney. (United Kingdom).

Ed Keeping. (United Kingdom).

Rita Hodgson. (Australia). I feel that.disastrous consequences could occur if we were subject to the laws and regulations of other countries. Do we even know what all of these are yet?

Broc West. Hi guys love the site. I run a website & am being interviewed this Thursday on Corbett Report Radio about a range of issues about the Asia-Pacific region including TPP. I will definitely be referring & recommending people to check out your great site. Thank you.

Garrett Lutz. (United States).

David. (Canada).

Colin Cooke. (Canada).

Constantin. (Canada).

Ben Taveira. (Canada).

Donald Currie. (Canada).

Catherine Miller. (United States).

Jeff Taylor. (United States).

Shuji Abe. (Japan).

David Spencer. (Canada). As a Canadian in complete terror of the sweeping policy changes that would be made behind closed doors and without my consent, I completely stand behind the NZ efforts to shut this thing down, and am doing what I can where I am. I hope that internationally enough countries withdraw that it just becomes unfeasible to those few countries who remain, and they just scrap it. Hope beyond hope, I know, but sites like this give me hope!

Robert Horner Jr. (United States).

Linda Schwartz. (United States).

Diana Worrhington. (United States).

Lori Wolf. (United States).

Andreas Pfrengle. (Germany).

Nele. (Estonia).

Sebastian Lunøe. (Denmark).

Heise Jürgen. (Germany).

Karl Engelbart. (United States). Stop this madness … NOW!!!!!!

Luciene Gaspar. (Brazil).

Fred Heutte. (United States).

Adrianna Kopczynska. (Canada). Free Trade agreements increasingly take away the ‘FREE’dom of ordinary civilians by limiting our governments’ room for manoeuvre and by putting business above all else – including our health, well-being and even financial prospects for those not fortunate enough to own a share of the companies that would benefits from these agreements. Please put your citizens first!

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