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Media Releases by TPP Watch and related groups

Jane Kelsey, 13 June 2012.   New TPP Leaked Text: National Says ‘Yes’ to Investor Rights to Sue.  Visit this page for background docs and analysis.

FIRST Union,20 April 2012.  Cigarette plain packaging could come unstuck under secret trade deal.

AFTINET, 9 March 2012. TPPA Negotiations Slowed By Resistance To US Demands

International Civil society groups joint media statement, 28 February 2012. Civil society groups slam corporate influence on TPP talks

Public Health Association, Monday 27 February 2012. Ambassador co-hosting event a backward step

Hone Harawira, Mana Party, Monday 27 February 2012. No ‘Moore’ Tobacco please, we’re Kiwis

Tariana Turia, Maori Party, Sunday 26 February 2012. Turia outraged at NZ involvement in TPPA event sponsored by Phillip Morris

Professor Jane Kelsey, Sunday 26 February 2012. Call to Censure Mike Moore for Co-hosting TPP Lobbying Bash for Big Oil, Tobacco & PhRMA in Washington DC

Statement of Lori Wallach, Director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, 8 December 2011. Trans-Pacific Trade Talks in Malaysia Underscore Secrecy

Professor Jane Kelsey, Monday, 24 October 2011. Leaked Text: Trade Deal Would Give Backdoor Effect to Shunned ACT Law

Professor Jane Kelsey, Sunday 23 October, 2011. New Leaked Texts Reveal Details of US Attack on Pharmac in Free Trade Talks

Professor Jane Kelsey, Sunday 16 October 2011. Trans-Pacific Partnership Papers Remain Secret for Four Years After Deal

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, Wednesday 14 September 2011. TPPA – More movement on customs queues than dairy exports

Professor Jane Kelsey, Wednesday 7 September 2011. Labour Day Rally in Chicago Kicks Off Challenge to TPPA Negotiating Round

Professor Jane Kelsey, Sunday 4 September 2011. Human Rights Commission rejection of Trans-Pacific Partnership audit latest blow to democratic process

National Distribution Union, Wednesday 27 July 2011. Government Blocks Parliamentary Hearing on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Professor Jane Kelsey, Tuesday 19 July 2011. Japan in no state to join Trans-Pacific Partnership talks says academic

Professor Jane Kelsey, Friday 8 July 2011. USNZ Council Gives False Comfort on Tobacco Controls & Investment Rules

Professor Jane Kelsey, Monday 27 June 2011. Tobacco Firm Sues Australia over Plain Packaging, Confirms Risks of TransPacific Partnership Deal

Professor Jane Kelsey. Tuesday 21 June 2011. Key Glosses over Trans-Tasman Differences on Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

New Zealand Nurses Organisation, 20 June 2011. Health professionals say Pharmac must stay

Grey Power, 31 May 2011. Hands off Pharmac

CAFCA, 27 May 2011.  Message from the grass roots – Pharmac is non-negotiable

Professor Jane Kelsey, Friday May 13, 2011. Human Rights Commission Asked to Audit Trans-Pacific Partnership

Professor Jane Kelsey, Monday 2 May 2011. US Drug Companies’ Naked Assault on Pharmac through Trans-Pacific Partnership

Professor Jane Kelsey, Tuesday 12 April 2011.  Petition Seeks Parliamentary Hearing on Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact

Professor Jane Kelsey, Wednesday 30 March 2011. Appeal to UN Rapporteur on Health to Intervene in Trans-Pacific Trade Negotiations

Professor Jane Kelsey & Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network, 25 March 2011. Critics Cry “Foul” as Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiators Circle the Wagons

Jane Kelsey, 15 March 2011.  Another Leak Confirms Extreme US Demands in Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal.

Jane Kelsey, 19 February 2011.  National must press Labour’s call to end TPPA secrecy at US/NZ council meeting.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, 18 February 2011.  CTU President concerned at direction of US-New Zealand Council meeting in Christchurch.

Jane Kelsey, 18 February 2011.   Key’s Use of CER to Bypass Opposition to Foreign Investment Laws a Foretaste of a TPPA.

Jane Kelsey, 17 February 2011.  New leaks of TPPA text show U.S. is playing hardball.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, 16 February 2011. Shocking process for major issues in Australia investment agreement.

Jane Kelsey, 16 February 2011.  International Civil Society Demands End To Secrecy In TPPA talks.

Jane Kelsey, 15 February 2011 (two releases).   Leaks and lockouts as TPPA negotiations begin in Santiago and, Critical Paper Links TPPA to Financial Instability, Challenges Negotiators to Release Draft Text for Further Analysis.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, 15 February 2011. Rise in Australian investment threshold has dangers.

TPP Action Group, 14 February 2011. Protest against the Trans Pacific Partnership 1pm Today at MFAT WLG.

New Zealand Nurses Organisation, 13 February 2011.  Pacific partnership agreement threatens health system.

TPP Watch, 10 February 2011.  Release the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Text!.

NZ Not For Sale, 8 February 2011.  Bryan Gould Named Patron of Network to Fight Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Jane Kelsey, 7 February 2011.  Key backtracks, says foreign firms can sue NZ government under TPPA.

Jane Kelsey, 1 February 2011.  250 economists condemn restriction of capital controls in Trans Pacific Partnership.

TPP Watch, 19 January 2011.  “Release the Text” Campaign Demands End to Secrecy in Trade Talks.

Jane Kelsey, 17 January 2011. NZ Government must act now to stop US dictating Internet liability laws through the TPPA.

TPP Action Group, 16 December.  TPP Action group asks New Zealanders to Voice their Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

TPP Action Group, 16 December.  The Trans Pacific Partnership: Death to Democracy

Jane Kelsey, 10 December 1010.  TPPA Negotiators Face Concerted International Campaign to Release the Draft Texts

Te Wharepora Hou, 6 December 2010.  TPPA No Good for Maori

Maritime Union of NZ, 5 December 2010. TPPA free trade deal should be dropped

TPP Watch, 5 December. TPP Watch-supported Activities against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Jane Kelsey, 5 December 2010. Leaked NZ paper reveals rift with U.S. on intellectual property in TPPA

NZ Council of Trade Unions, 5 December 2010. CTU Has Major Concerns Regarding Transpacific Partnership Agreement Negotiations

Professor Jane Kelsey & AFTINET, 3 December 2010. Australian and NZ groups urge PMs to reject US investment demands next week

Global Peace and Justice Auckland, 3 December 2010. Protests planned for Monday against so-called “free trade” agreement

(This section is primarily focused on civil society/non-governmental organisations.  For political parties, use the following links for their releases on trade and investment: GovernmentLabourGreen PartyMaori Party)

Media stories

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NZ Herald, 24 Sept 2012. Deborah Gleeson: US proposal on Pharmac a bitter pill
National Business Review, Weekend Review, 16 June 2012.TPP – China wants in says its man in Wellington
TPP – China wants in, says its man in Wellington (NBR)
3News (NZ Newswire), 15 June 2012. Greens accuse Groser of misleading public over TPP
Peter Wilson, 3 News (NZ Newswire), 15 June 2012. TPP worries textile workers
NewstalkZB, 15 June 2012. Call for transparency over TPP agreement
Firstline, TV3, 15 June 2012. Fears TPP could derail alcohol reform (also includes video)
Jason Krupp, Stuff, 15 June 2012 (Printed in Dominion Post and Timaru Herald). Sellout accusations follow leaked paper
Radio NZ, 15 June 2012. Greens see new threat from trade talks
Radio NZ, 15 June 2012. NZ ‘unlikely’ to support special TPP deal for Australia
NZ Herald, 15 June 2012. TPP: Australia odd man out over disputes

TVNZ Business Desk, 14 June 2012. Fur flies in NZ over secret trade negotiations

NZ Newswire, 14 June 2012. Minister gives assurance on trade deal

Newstalk ZB, 14 June 2012. Leaked TPP draft reveals concerns

Stuff, 14 June 2012. CTU seeks answers over trade agreement

NZ Newswire, 14 June 2012. Groser rejects TPP concerns

NZ Herald, 14 June 2012. Leaked draft of trade deal exposes risks — professor

Firstline interview, TV3, 9 May 2012. Right to sue needs to be exempt from TPPA

Dominion Post & Press, 9 May 2012. US firms to control NZ legislation?

NZ Herald, 9 May 2012. Lawyers fight TPP right to sue Govt, 17 April 2012. Secret trade deal raises asset sale issues

ComputerWorld, 13 March 2012. Kiwis try to open dialogue on TPPA

AAP, 5 March 2012. Labor standing firm on Pacific trade deal

Herald Sun, 5 March 2012. Channel 7 newsreader Peter Mitchell mobbed by protesters on live TV (related video linked from the audio and video page above).

Will Wallace, Green Left Weekly, 3 March 2012. Protesters Occupy TPPA conference

NZ Herald, 27 February 2012. Ambassador to US ‘should be sacked’

Stuff, 27 February 2012. Calls to sack Mike Moore

Sydney Morning Herald, 25 February 2012. Health groups gasp over tobacco show plans

Pacific Islands News Association (PINA), 15 November 2011. Pacific free-trade deal has hidden dangers

ABC News, Australia, 11 Nov 2011. Trans-Pacific free trade stalled by US proposals

3 News, 9 November 2011. Trans-Pacific Partnership is Govt’s secret dirty deal

Radio NZ, 17 October 2011. Trade deal documents to be kept secret

NZ Herald, 27 July 2011. Jane Kelsey: Pitfalls of a gold-standard trade deal

NZ Herald Editorial, 26 July 2011. Challenge now to make TPP ‘gold standard’, 4 July 2011. PM Key says tobacco giant Philip Morris can’t sue NZ under free trade rules, in the way it is threatening to sue Aussie govt

NZ Herald, 24 May 2011. Gareth Morgan: Pharmac bashers need a dose of reality, 13 May 2011. Pharmac under fire ahead of US free-trade talks.

Newstalk ZB, 13 May 2011. TPPA under fire over human rights.

Otago Daily Times, 6 May 2011. Pharmac hears ‘drumbeat’

NZ Herald, 31 March 2011. Brian Fallow: US trade demands a real sore point.

Dominion Post, 28 March 2011. Officials push for progress in Asia-Pacific deal.

Newstalk ZB, 20 March 2011. Pharmac in spotlight.

TVNZ Online, 20 March 2011. Labour warns about rising prescription charges.

Radio NZ, 21 February 2011.  New Zealand Not for Sale group opposes trade deal.

Radio NZ, 19 February 2011.  Union head skips US-NZ meeting over trade concerns.

NZPA, 19 February 2011.  Calls for transparent TPP talks.

Radio NZ, 18 February 2011.  Labour wants more consultation on trade negotiations.

NZPA, 18 February 2011.  CTU President Boycotts NZ-US Council Meeting.

TVNZ Online, 15 February 2011. Dangers in Aus investment threshold rise: CTU.

NZPA, 15 February 2011.  Higher Investment Threshold Precedent For TPP – CTU Says.

NZPA, 14 February 2011.  Protesters want details of free-trade agreements.

Newstalk ZB, 13 February 2011.  Transparency call from nurses

NZPA, 13 February 2011.  Nurses warn: TPP could damage health system.

Alex Tarrant,, 8 February 2011. PM Key denies he has changed stance on Trans Pacific Partnership provisions that would allow NZ to be sued by foreign investors.

NZPA, 7 February, 2011.  Key Stands By TPP Comments.

Radio NZ, 7 February, 2011.  Law suit prospects seen in TPP deal.

Bernard Hickey,, 1 February 2011.  Tuesday’s Top 10 with NZ Mint: ‘Leave out capital controls’; One more reason to avoid the TPP…

The Register, 19 January 2011.  Kiwis Demand: Talk TPPA turkey to us, Prime Minister.

Computer World, 19 January 2011.  Lobby group formed to force openness on free trade agreement.

Computer World, 17 January 2011.  Oppose ISP copyright liability in free-trade agreement – NZ professor.

Fairfax Media, 17 January 2011.  Free trade critic warns of ‘secondary liability’.

National Business Review, 17 January 2011.   Trade deal raises internet liability concerns., 16 December 2010.  The Trans Pacific Partnership: Death to Democracy

Radio NZ, 11 December 2010.  Ways to make trade talks more open mooted and Dairy access details awaited

Radio NZ, 10 December 2010.  Trade talks enter final day.

Fairfax Media, 10 December 2010. Building blocks laid for trade deal.

Radio Waatea, 9 December 2010.  A Threat to Treaty Wins.

Radio NZ, 9 December 2010.  US group stands by intellectual property protection.

Radio NZ, 8 December 2010.  Impact of trade talks on US dairy access unclear.

NZPA, 7 December 2010. No guarantees for NZ policies in trade talks, 7 December 2010. Alastair Thompson:  Scoop  Audio +  Photos:  Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations In Auckland – Day Two.

Radio NZ, 7 December 2010. Unions call for trade deal agreements to be revealed

Fairfax Media, 7 December 2010. Debate urged on TPP text

NZ Herald, 7 December 2010. Talks pave way for 9-nation trade pact

3 News, 6 December 2010. Protest in Auckland over Pacific trade deal

Radio NZ, 6 December 2010. NZ resists tough copyright stance/Protesters greet delegations

NZPA, 6 December 2010. Crowd protests at free trade talks and Free Trade Talks Open Amid Noisy Protest

NZ Herald, 6 December 2010. Trade talks protests planned as NZ cautions over rights

Fairfax Media, 6 December 2010. Tobacco giant’s call on law stirs up Greens and Deal ‘may plunder Kiwi economy’ and Small protest greets free trade delegates and Trans-Pacific Partnership talks underway

Newstalk ZB, 6 December 2010.  Trans Pacific Partnership protests

NZPA, 5 December 2010. Trade Negotiations, Protest Start Tomorrow In Auckland

Newstalk ZB, 5 December 2010. Unions resist US businesses,  and Partnership threatens policies

NZ Herald, 18 November 2010. Brian Fallow, economics editor: “Trade deals? Let’s look before we leap, 16 November 2010. Alastair Thompson: “No Ordinary Deal” Book Launch & PM Response

Analysis, articles & blogs

Gordon Campbell, Scoop, 10 Sept 2012. APEC, and its significance for the TPP talks

Susan Chalmers from InternetNZ on the implications of the TPP for DVD zoning

Pat Booth, Stuff, 18 Sept 2012. A ‘Dear John’ letter on trade

Jane Kelsey, NZHerald, 20 June 2012. Secrecy in investment talks mocks democracy

Matthew Hooton, NBR, 15 June 2012. NZ must stay staunch on TPP

Rob O’Neill, Sunday Star-Times, 15 June 2012. Trade talks leak shows worrying concessions

Mike O’Donnell, Stuff, 21 May 2012. TPP a dead duck for parallel imports

Bryan Gould, NZ Herald, 9 May 2012. Right to be troubled about secret partnership
George McLellan, Stuff, 4 May 2012. High Noon For Asset Sales Opposition
Tom Pullar-Strecker, Dominion Post, 11 April 2012. US concern at NZ patent rejig
Sunday Star Times, 1 April 2012: ‘Australia’s line in the sand’ (available through PressDisplay – subscription required – please send TPP Watch a link to this article elsewhere if you find one)
Electronic Frontier Foundation, 24 April 2012. Anti-TPP Ad in the Washington Post – also see related stories here and here
Kevin P. Gallagher, The American Prospect, 13 March 2012. Not a Great Deal for Asia
Lori Wallach, The American Prospect, 13 March 2012. A Stealth Attack on Democratic Governance
Ewan Saunders, Green Left Weekly, 10 March 2012. Secret trade deal threatens democracy
Liza Porteus Viana for Intellectual Property Watch, 21 February 2012. Special report: TPP negotiations to heat up in Melbourne over patents, copyright, medicines

Lisa Er, Waiheke Times. Do We Need A Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement?: Hiding in our corridors of power, under negotiation, is an insidious international ‘free trade’ treaty that goes against everything that democracy stands for. This TPPA threatens the future of New Zealand as an independent nation, and yet we are not allowed to know what is on the table for discussion. ….

Electronic Frontier Foundation. What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?

Chris Trotter, Bowalley Road, 3 February 2011. Most favoured nation?

Teresa O’Connor, Nelson Mail, 31 January 2012. A humble man amid all the swagger (see last part of the article)

Nob Akimoto, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. 25 January 2012. A Primer on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Kiwiblog. 25 January 2012. James Murray on the TPP

Gareth Hughes. 24 January 2012. Trans Pacific Partnership to impact Kiwi books.

James Murray, 3 News. 23 January 2012. The TPP and what it could mean for you

Kevin P. Gallagher. 23 January 2012. Bamboozled by the TPP: The Small Benefits and Real Costs of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Op ed from the Clutha River Forum, Scoop Politics, 6 Jan 2012. ‘NZ Asset Sales Policy Began On Wall Street

Prof. Jane Kelsey, Scoop Article. 21 November 2011. TPP As Lynchpin of US Anti-China Strategy.

TEU. 12 April, 2011. Academic intellectual property rights on trade agenda

NoRightTurn. 13 April, 2011. For transparency in trade negotiations

Tax Justice campaign. 4 April 2011. Tax on speculation could be blocked under TPPA

Public Address. 17 March 2011. TPPA: It’s Extreme

sky croeser, 16 March 2011. Putting the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement into context

Actors Equity NZ, 4 March 2011. NZ Equity supports Trans-Pacific Partnership “release the text” campaign

Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, February 2011. Free trade agreement could threaten NZ sovreignty

Tertiary Education Union, 10 February 2011.  Will new trade agreement let foreign universities sue NZ?

NoRightTurn, 7 February, 2011.  Key lied about investment clauses.

Organic NZ, January 2011.  Guest editorial January/February 2011: This little farm went to market

frogblog, 1 February 2011.  Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Release the text.

Martyn Bradbury, 31 January 2011.  Forget China, panic about free trade with America.

Nicky Hager, 19 December 2010.  US free-trade deal suspect.

finsec, 13 December 2010.  Trans-Pacific deal no good for finance sector.

Public meeting, Tuesday 7 Dec.  There is audio of the meeting here on the website.

Matt McCarten, 12 December 2010.  Foreign corporates set to mine us for profit.

Tertiary Education Union, 9 December 2010.  Could trade agreement let for-profit US universities sue NZ polytechnics?

Bryan Gould, 7 December 2010.  NZ’s faith in free trade is blind

Tech Liberty NZ, 7 December 2010.  Guest Report: First Day of TPP Negotiations in Auckland

NoRightTurn, 6 December 2010. Against investment clauses

NZ Not For Sale, November 26 2010.  The Free Trade Informer, the monthly update on the campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Jane Kelsey, 8 November 2010.  Trading sovereignty for short-term advantage

TEU, 10 March 2011. Trade ministry too busy to answer questions


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