NZers speak

Below are 14 prominent New Zealanders, who originally featured in an advertisement in the NZ Herald on Monday December 6, 2010.

But we want to hear from others too.  Add your voice of opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.  We’re adding these to this page as they come in.

Martin Henderson, Actor.   Spending time away has made me understand how fortunate we are to have everything that makes being a Kiwi so unique and special.  A Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would put at risk the best of New Zealand to give more power to foreign corporations. We have so much to lose with this shonky deal: control of our land and natural resources, affordable medicine, cultural diversity. Never heard of TPPA? Find out before our sovereignty and democracy gets signed away.

Jeanette Fitzsimmons, former Green Party Co-leader.  A TPPA could give transnational companies the right to sue future governments if they legislated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or restrict the use of Genetic Engineering technology. It would give away the freedom of our children and grandchildren to determine their own future. Please help us stop it.

Bryan Gould, economic commentator, former Vice-Chancellor & MP.   Why should we cede yet more control over our economy – allowing foreign corporations to enforce rights against our government that are not available to our own firms – in pursuit of much greater access to the American market for our dairy products that the US dairy industry will never allow?

Moana Maniapoto, Musician.  Intellectual property laws meant I couldn’t use my own name to sing in Germany! Then I discovered that Ford, Sony and other US companies had exclusive rights over Maori language, cultural icons and other taonga that were guaranteed in our own Treaty. A TPPA will make that ten times worse. We need to protect our unique culture, environment and land for the next generation. It’s in all our interests to say Taihoa.

Hone Harawira, Maori Party MP.  NZ governments fall over themselves to sign free trade agreements where foreign multi-billion dollar corporates come first and indigenous peoples and the Treaty of Waitangi come last. We all remember the savage impact of trade liberalization on workers, particularly Maori in manufacturing jobs; now a TPPA threatens open season on assets, plunder of intellectual and cultural heritage, and health care only the rich can afford. Is this the Aotearoa we want?

Dr Gay Keating, National Executive Officer, Public Health Association of New Zealand.  Health starts, long before illness, in our homes, schools and jobs. Laws – such as food quality, smokefree laws, alcohol control – are our decisions on how to keep our neighbourhoods and homes safer. We should not be told what to do by other countries in a TPPA, just as we should not be letting smaller Pacific states be bullied into bad laws that make bad health, either.

Tony Simpson, President, Society of Authors.  We fear that the proposed TPPA has serious negative potential consequences for the expression of our culture both in literature and more broadly, as well as our intellectual property protections.  That unique culture must not be sacrificed for illusory or minor economic advantages.

Cathy Casey, Auckland Councillor. We recently elected a new Auckland Council that wants to build resilient communities across the region, support local business and retain our public assets. I believe a TPPA would pose a barrier to those three laudable roles and give foreign investors too much power in New Zealand.

John Roberts, President–elect Methodist Church of NZ.  The world needs just trade, not free trade. Unlimited economic growth and wealth accumulation are the pillars of free trade. These violate gospel values. Free trade contributes to global inequality and injustice. Justice for the poorest members of society will always be the test of any trade agreement.

Andrew Campbell, finsec Campaigns Director.  The Global Financial Crisis has highlighted the enormous risk of an under-regulated financial services sector. While most countries are strengthening rules around how banks operate, a TPPA could straightjacket New Zealand with the weak rules that saw us labelled the ‘wild west’ in the 1990s and, if Washington’s financial lobbyists have their way, will allow Wall Street to bring down the US economy again.

Murray Horton, Secretary/Organiser, CAFCA. A free trade agreement with the US (via the TPPA) aims to remove any remaining “restrictions” on foreign investment by US transnational corporations under NZ’s (token) oversight regime. The government groveling to Warner Brothers over The Hobbit is a textbook example of corporate welfare and feudal forelock tugging, and shows what bullyboy brinkmanship by US Big Business holds for the future.

Professor Jane Kelsey, editor No Ordinary Deal.  The TPPA is billed as an agreement for the 21st century. But it will do nothing to address the challenges of financial instability, climate change, energy scarcity, job insecurity, structural poverty and inequality. Instead, it will lock future governments into a failed regime where markets rule for the next 100 years.

Joe Fleetwood, General Secretary, Maritime Union of New Zealand. Working people should be demanding to be told the truth about TPPA and free trade agreements. Our jobs, rights and conditions as workers are under threat from the hidden dangers of free trade. So is our democracy. We are walking into a free trade trap. We don’t want to be the guinea pigs in another failed experiment.

Robert Reid, General Secretary, National Distribution Union.  First they came for the car plants, then they came for the clothing and textile sector jobs but the country was silent.  Now they are coming for our affordable medicines, our land, our environment, our work rights, the rest of our economy, our sovereignty. We can remain silent no longer.

The comments above originally appeared in an advertisment in the NZ Herald on Monday December 6, 2010.  See a copy of the ad here.

More people speak out against the TPPA

If you would like to add your voice of opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade ageement,  you can do so here.

Dave Breuer, Director of Anew NZ.  Anew NZ is leading the citizen based initiative “What Matters Most to New Zealand” to help create a New Zealand that supports the needs and aspirations of people – to challenge the use of the GDP to respresent the wellbeing of society.  The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, in its intent, could render the voice and will of the people to be inconsequential – and place us subserviant to global financial interests.  It is a fundamental threat to our soverienty and must be stopped.

Hans Wurst.

Nick Braxton.  The benefits look highly uncertain but the risks very great. We need full transparency and public scrutiny of these negotiations so that we can protect our right to make our own laws and decide our own future.

Sumner Burstyn.  Signing this deal will ensure corporate governance over NZ. The idea that we elect/choose our leaders will be a sham, controlled by corporations, for corporate benefit.

Bera MacClement.  This deal will seriously limit the right of New Zealand to govern itself, in terms of environmental regulation, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and forbidding the planting of genetically modified crops. Affordable drugs supplied through Pharmac may no longer be available, making it expensive to be sick. I don’t want New Zealand to become a colony of the USA

Linda Hill.

David MacClement. Bera and I had our three children in Canada, and left to return to New Zealand for half-a-dozen reasons, one of which was to get out from under the malign influence of the USA.  We’ve worked to oppose GATT/WTO influence in NZ, and in favour of maintaining the sovereign right of NZers to determine what’s allowed and what’s not, here. In my opinion, economic domination from another country is the 20th-century version of military attack-and-occupation, and I will not allow it here. If this requires that I lay down my life to defend New Zealand and enable us to create our own sustainable future, I will do so.

Christel Broederlow

Krisse Wichers.

Kate Kennedy. Love the advertisement. Keep up the great work.

baruk feddabonn. One of the primary reasons my wife and i made the emotionally and financially difficult move to aotearoa new zealand was because this is a country small in size, but big in spunk. we would be heartbroken to see this independence sold to the the rich and the powerful.

MaryAnne Hamer.  I am alarmed by the govt using diversion campaigns when it comes to foreign ownership.  They whip the country into a frenzy re Foreshore Maori ‘Ownership’ and while NZ’ers are worried about beach access they negotiate mining rights offshore to foreign investors.

Valerie Morse.  I support an anti-nationalist campaign against the TPP and all fake ‘free trade agreements’ which are highly regulated trade in the interest of capital.

Kate Ericksen.  We should not be selling out to the multinationals!

Chris Pook. Why would a democracy devolve power to unaccountable corporations? “Free” trade? “Bull” shit.

Kiri Barclay.  I do not support the TPPA. Corporations should not have the ability to take away, or claim compensation for, our right to adopt policies that represent our views as NZ citizens.  I will not support a government that actively tries to take away the power of the vote. There are few things that protect us from the corporate agenda these days, NZ should not assist big business in gaining a position of tyranny.

Korina Tahana. I will not have the rights of my Whanau [past, present or future] be some sort of chess piece so therefor I will help as best I can to not let the Govt decide our future for us.

Alison McCulloch. Hi, I live in Tauranga and would love to be kept up-to-date with your campaign and join in any activities in the BOP. Thanks for all your work. It’s so important to have informed voices of opposition to TPP out there. Thanks. Alison McCulloch

Mary Byrne.

Jon Burness. Keep New Zealand for New Zealanders.

Scott Macarthur.  This agreement is an attack on democracy.  People need to learn about the agreement and stop it ever being completed.  Goodluck TPPWatch.

Diana Shand.  Here we go again…in line with all the other trade agreements that threaten what we hold precious….and is being negotiated while 99% of the nation are unaware of the implications – and that 99% includes most of our parliamentarians I am sure.

Lilian Bramley.

Sally Mabelle



Lisa Er.  The Awareness Party is a NZ political movement set up with the objective to raise awareness and provide solutions within the framework of 7 ethical and practical principles. We feel that the work you are doing is vitally important to this country. We are especially interested as to the effects of this agreement on GE, as that is one thing that can never be undone once GE crops are let loose in this country. We would like to be kept in touch with your progress and events. We have added a number of links to you on our web site. Kind regards, Lisa Er (Founder of The Awareness Party – and Lisa’s Hummus!)

Ken Goodhue, Agriculture spokesman, Democrats for Social Credit. The  dairy industry has been built in New Zealand by the co-operative movement. Global companies dislike co-operatives, which are difficult to manipulate and takeover.   Under present legislation, dairy farms already are being bought up by overseas interests, who then set up their own processing units. This is a serious threat to the future profitablity and existence of  Fonterra – a co-operative –  which makes a huge contribution to New Zealand’s balance of payments, and the revenue of the government through taxs – via farmer shareholder supplyers. The TPPA  will only intensify the competition.

Raewyn Alexander. The ‘free’ trade proposed is not beneficial to NZ or Nzers, we need trade agreements which help us keep NZ a good place to live and work.  We are not here to be pillaged. Please make it clear to the NZ government, they are not to go into this ‘free’ trade agreement.

Don Murray. The time has come for a real change.  The TPP will so seriously interfer with our soverenty that it must not procede.  I am troubled by the number of anti-democratic actions this Government has already taken and these negotions are no different.

Pat McNamara.

Adele Geradts.

Linda Baran.

Edward Miller. Trade liberalisation means a commitment to industrial hyper-capitalism, massive wealth inequity and ecological catastrophe. Our government already understands that, and accordingly have made a commitment to keeping this secret from New Zealanders for the benefit of a few wealthy individuals and corporations.

Marian Lyders.  We have the absolute right to know what is being proposed and the Government MUST listen to our views.  Your are OUR elected representatives – you are not mandated to make these types of decisions.  These are ours to make.

Sam Stephens.  The people of New Zealand deserve to know what is being agreed in their name. Please don’t sign us to an agreement such as this, the balance of power between nations is not even and New Zealand will lose more than it gains from a deal such as this. Please retain our sovereignty.

Jerome Partington.   Dear John, However much you feel treaties should be negotiated behined closed doors, it is really critical that in our modern society the NZ public have an opportunity to see what is being neogiated on ouir behalf. Thanks Jerome Partington

Patricia Waugh.

Deirdre Kent.

Donna Mummery.  These trade talks are too far reaching to be negotiated in secret.  They also should allow for public input.


Julanne Clarke-Morris.

Roger Bryant.

A.Snelling Berg.

Elliott Blade.

David V Williams.


Robert Howell.

Timothy Grigg.

Eugenie Sage.

Bomber. Forget China, we need to panic about this secretive attempt by America to control our economic future. John Key told a compliant mainstream media that we would ‘billions’ from this deal, when wikileaks show us that privately our chief negotiator told America’s representatives that we don’t get anything out of this deal.

Eileen Hollands.

Stuart McLean Mathieson. We must not tolerate any attempt to compromise our democratic autonomy for any reason. We have been down this road before. Read Bill Sutchs’ “Quest for Security”, about the Bank of England and British business interests in New Zealand.

Lauri Lee In-Jung Shore.

Kararaina Penehira.  Totally agree!

Jane Kostanich.


Tomoko Nakamura.

Lisa Sacksen.

Perry Cameron.

Helen Oliver.

Jeffrey Lind.


Napua Ke.

Patrick O’Brien.

Nikki de la Rosa. This possibility of TPPA is ludicrous for naga tangata o Aotearoa.  It must NOT PROGRESS. Wake up and smell the roses John Key and friends!!!!!!

Andrew McIndoe.

Nano Tunnicliff, New Zealand Nurses Organisation.

Karen Nicholson.

Tara Kloss. This can only mean more disenfranchisement and further inequality for the many to benefit the few.


Kat Horne.

Ramon Das.

Campbell Larsen.

Tony Cox.

Reihana Robinson.

Marcel Juventin.

Nelson Wattie.

Dr Quentin Govignon.  Stop that “Free Trade” bullshit. The only freedom is for big corporation to bully governments. Government should represent the people that elected them not the few big corporations that are only concerned by short term profits.

Sharelle. Completely undemocratic……wake up NZ!!!

David Buckton.

Pam Wallace.

Michelle Broad.

George Lees. Centuries of precedents for this: make up your own mind where the benefits lie but do look at the archive first.

Paul Hickman. The TPPA is just another step towards rolling out the New World Order Agenda. Our survival as Free Citizens in a Sovereign Country depends on us fighting this Clandestine and Draconian initiative – let us not sleep as our subjugation unfolds around us. People.. GetUp… StandUp!!!… Fight Back!!!

Joan Rosier-Jones.

Go Kenya. TPP I do not like, the people of New Zealand, TPP are similar to the other reason why a large part of Japan’s opposition.

Grant Bridger. Time to stop widening the gap and disenfranchising people.

Peta Joyce.

John Whyte. This is a mal-governance issue. Where is the government mandate for making preparations for entering into this corporate sponsored and corporate dominated agreement? Was it in their manifesto prior to the 2008 election? Even if it were, where is the science evidence to support the de facto claim (scientific prediction) that this agreement is wholly in the Nation’s (i.e., the Peoples of NZ as a whole) interest.

Susanne Vincent.

Saitou. I object to TTPA.

Sarah McKenzie.

John Smith. This s**t’s got to go !!!

Kaleb. I’m too shocked by this to wire something constructive, I thought at least the NZ leaders would be less affected by the world’s big business game. How foolish.

Oren Robinson. I think joining the TPPA would be a huge irreversible blunder. Please do not let corperate interests anywhere near our laws. Compare our political system to the US – you want us to become MORE LIKE THE US? Where corporate interests get what they want, where so many people are uneducated and poor? I have a degree in economics and I understand the agreement may well boost our GDP in the short run. But money isn’t everything. Stay sovereign. Please.

Asher Rankin.

Andrew. Totally against the growing power of the corporations and their increasing grab of power over all aspects of our life who’s sole focus is increasing their profits at the expense of the peoples welfare, peoples most basic rights and environmental costs.

Brendan Power. New Zealand has the power to lead the way in the new society to come.We cannot give away its power and sovereignty to a corrupt and dying civilization.

Meredith Thomas. New Zealanders must maintain sovereignty in their own country. We must have total freedom of choice in all decisions pertaining to the running of our country. This must not be relinquished so we can be raped by America. Any person or organisation who supports the TPPA is commiting an act of Treason against the people of New Zealand.

Rose Nisbet. I would dearly love to see our governments negotiating in our best interests. I’m not against a partnership with the original members, but it seems anytime the US comes near our sovereignty is threatened.

Nick Schwarzer. It will be very hard to stop the economic hit man good luck.

Daniel Burgess.

Michael Hope. New Zealand is not for sale.

Tracey-lee Repia.


Dr Ben Thirkell-White.

Scott Metcalfe.

Janet Salas.

Jenny Kirk. I am totally opposed to this Trans Pacific Partnership – it is just a modern version of colonisatin :  this time by the multi-nationals.

Wayne Deeming.

Jarrad Douglas.


Cactusgenie. Hi, keen to keep up with what’s going on, I’m glad some people are concerned about this.

Murray Johnson.

Chris Macro.

Michael Schenk. Good luck staying in power, boys. You’ve royally fucked our democratic process so far, and this is only making it worse. New Zealand IS watching, and we’re not satisfied.

Stanley Sims.

Rachel McDonald.

Ryan McDonald.

Wendy Allison. Selling our sovereignty for what? And without our informed consent.  This is not democracy.

Joseph Ellison. This partnership is for political gain only, the only beneficiaries will be the multi national companies who will reap all the rewards and leave NZ poorer for the experience. This is history repeating itself, when will we learn? What a expensive farce we are paying for. I am definitely against any agreement with the USA, why, because they wish to control our destination.
We have enough problems with our own government, without adding the USA to the mix.


Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann.

Vanessa Riddell.

Annette Vickers.

Sam Rawlings.

Maria van der Meel, The City is Ours.

Murray Porter. Totally undermines the national governments integrity and disrespectful to the NZ public. If they cannot come clean and make the process transparent then the democratic laws are fundamentally worthless and the government  worse than common criminals.

Frederic Cherri.

Richard Ford.

Joseph Dew.

Mike Wood. This is not the NZ we want. The government is deaf to the people it supposedly represents – the people of this country so we must all rise and tell them in no uncertain terms the TPPA WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

Louise Sadler. 

Jeff J.

Loretta Pomare. This is scary stuff IT MUST BE STOPPED!!

Michael Radich.

Marie Hodgkinson.

Chloe Stannage.

Finn Lorigan. This seems like the type of thing I would have liked to hear about when it was first considered.

Carl Jung. Good timing, we must build awareness!!!


Jane Doe. This deal is wrong, wrong, wrong, I as a human find this has no ethics.

Shelayne Miners.

Mic Watts.

Paul Forster.

Susan Pearce. I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I value Pharmac because without it, doctors will be at the mercy of immensely well-funded lobbyists from American pharmaceutical companies: more money spent on expensive drugs will mean less money for other other health spending. I value the fact that there are still no GM crops grown for sale in NZ, and that GM foods need to be clearly labelled. I value the voluntary local content quotas: the demise of TVNZ7 shows how fragile our local content is under existing legislation, anyway. I oppose foreign firms being consulted before new legislation is made.

Paquita Bahr.

Gretel Thompson.

Todd Ross. How many Australian tomatoes do we already eat? Tastier from our own backyard I say. Americans don’t buy American made why would we? search “dust bowl” – Sorry, American dream is over & has nothing to offer NZ.

Marion Leighton.


Jim Campbell.

Christine Wright.

Dieter Riedel.

Linda Light. It is time our government starting listening to us, the people of NZ, rather than offshore interests.

Lisa Sharp.

Joep Nederpelt.

Ulrike Stephen. I am really concerned that these negotiations are conducted behind closed doors and that the media is not reporting and discussing  this major issue. It appears there is deliberate suppression of this in the media. What has happened to democracy?

Dave Breuer.

Ronnie Collinson. Supressing infomation (until too late), is anti-democratic and outright dangourous, dont screw us again.

Rachel Horne.



Lynda Hannah, Living Legacies

Juliette Horne.

Alexx Eastwood-Williams.

Tim Hobbs.

Chris Miller. The consequences of “free trade” deals with the US are a matter of public record, and all of them have important lessons to teach us – the most important being, don’t! US corporations should not be setting our laws to guarantee their profit margins and we should not be caving to their tactics. Doesn’t anyone remember the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987?

Tom Whittaker. It sounds like the Illuminati are moving in for an easy kill. I don’t like the idea of swinging to the same beat.

Andrew Sullivan.

Bronwyn Hegarty. I am keen to join the opposition to the TPP.

Samuel Greer. This is a gross misrepresentation of what the new zealand peoples want and this should be challenged.

Dave Wallis. Time for the general populace to wake up.  This is NOT the exception to the rule – it IS the rule.  The TPPA is the tip of the iceberg and we need to take a stand to ensure our country is a worthwhile place to live and for our future generations.  We must take a stand!

Dawn Scoon. I am concerned about and oppose any agreement or partnership that may restrict public access to natural health products and therapies or complementary health in New Zealand.

Jen Wilson. This is a huge issue for NZ. I support your work to halt the TPP or at least NZ’s involvement in it. Thank you for your work.

T Murata, Agricultural journalist in Japan

John & Debbie Richards. We do not want a corporatocracy dictating what we can do. Our social institutions, like Pharmac, are being raped for the gain of an oligarchy who are opposed to a social democracy and who will not stop in trying to destroy what we have gained together as a community.


Amber Haley.

Ngahuia Hawke.

Raul Boullosa.

Yuko Oshika.


Julia Van Berke.

Cam Macduff. Thank god some one is paying attention to the slow erosion of our rights. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

James Hay.

Peter Carmichael.

Patrick Brennan. AndHow FM/AndHow Web Radio. The licensing fees for my radio station would significantly increase if the record companies have their way with the TPP. One of the reasons why I came to NZ in the first place 10 years ago! I am an ex-pat American opposed to TPP.  The American corporate greed is astounding and all consuming.  We DO NOT want it here!

John Robb. This agreement will be of no benefit to NZ or the other small countries that may sign it as is evidenced by the lack of any real benefit to Australia who already have such an agreement in place. It will only benefit the US, their corporations and their profit margins.

Karen St John.

Steve Russell. We would be incredibly foolish to trade our health for access to trade. There is nothing free about free trade if it has triple barbed hooks that will tear your country to shreds when you try to back out of an unhealthy situation. John Key must think carefully about this. Unfortunately he appears desperate to use his citizens as pawns in a world of multinational corporations intent on profit at any cost.

Bruce Ashton. This kind of law would have been considered treason once upon a time. Even now it provides a net benefit only United States companies to the cost of New Zealand companies in every tertiary industry we trade with them in. If we give up every advantage on tertiary products and services for the sake of of our primary products we condemn ourselves to having a third world economy.

Ninya Maubach.

Kate Moss. I strongly oppose such a criminal act of signing New Zealand’s autonomy and freedom away in such an agreement as the TPPA.

Jason Greenwood. So we can now see the ravages of ‘globalism’ all around us. It has not exactly turned out to be the ‘Holy Grail’ it was promised to be, has it? What was promised to be a ‘global marketplace’ has turned into a global slum of debt ridden masses. Austerity has been forced on the world through fraud, deceit, currency manipulation and multinationals not paying their fair share. They are exempt from most major taxes and in the USA the biggest companies – like GE and McDonalds will be exempt from the new national healthcare initiative (and its associated massive costs). Free trade agreements are anything but free. Have they helped NZ thus far? I think we could say that except for a few companies, the answer is a resounding NO. FTA’s like the TPPA allow for the freeflow of capital and labour to the cheapest markets, over time stripping our nation of its production capacity and allowing the wholesale import of cheap labour driving down local wages. In addition, it removes the tariff’s required to recognise the dramatic difference our laws, regulations and lifestyles make to our export prices. No, the TPPA is not a good idea for NZ – but it is a great idea for the multinationals and banksters that rule us. Just say no.

Pushpa. I cannot find words to describe my outrage.  Thank you for raising my awareness.

Mary Maitland.

Alix Longman.

Jacqui Brown.

Leonie S Jensen.

Jonelle Aisha Renee. I don’t want our beautifull country to turn into an American wannabe (all the abuse none of the power).

Richard Leckinger. The TPP endangers every nation’s sovereignty, even that of the USA.


No NewOrld. Wake the SHeeple and Unite the World.  Things have to change..there is something very wrong with the world, it is evil and corrupt!  Get rid of the Monetary system which divides us.  Close the gap between rich and poor.  And use sustainable, renewable energy….The Sun, Wind and Water! Peace and Love upon the world, not hate and War orchestrated by the hands of a few satanists…Bohemian Grove!

Rachel Renner.

Kane Piper.

Erwin Alber, Vaccination Information Network (VINE). Thanks to TPPAwatch for keeping an eye on things and keeping us up-to-date! International agreements are a treat to our interests and our sovereignty. “The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

Damen Pitiro.



Hilary Lovelace.




Claire Bleakley, GE Free NZ in Food and Environment. We do not support the TPPA deal.  Open transparent and public discussion is needed.

Sarah Harrison.

Meghann Exlley.

Matthew O’Leary.

Russell Buxton.

Paul Emsley.

Billie Sweet.

Terry Broderick. Just becoming aware of this TPPA and I do not like what I read.

Mary Sullivan.

Jillyan Baldwin.

neil u longhirst 1961

Amelia. Governments should be representing their people not foreign corporations.


Damian Sligo-Green. Governments worldwide are increasingly ditching public consultation in favour of business interests. In New Zealand, we’ve been subject to government inacting ‘urgency’ to pass legislation without due democratic process and a media increasingly influenced by their own commercial demands and lack of journalistic licence. Let’s not just make money. Let’s bulid wealth.

Owen Carter. Global corporate bodies have historically built up a large amount of evidence to suggest that any FTA will amount to a loss of sovereignty, a loss of wealth, and little benefit for NZ, while enabling them to increase thier profits and resource control/domination. Free trade should not involve the re-legislating of NZ’s business, environment, or other laws. These laws exist to represent the rights of the people of this land, not the rights of foreign enterprises. No foreign corporation should gain the rights to pursue thier interests in NZ, if those interests are not supported by the population of NZ (eg GM foods, etc). Current world events show conclusively that free trade and neo-liberal theories are not sustainable, have resulted in greater disparity between rich and poor, civil disorder in many countries, and damaged the global environment potentially beyond repair. Any act by govt that gives away our sovereign rights, is, by definition, an act of treason.


Denny Thompson.

Zoe Drayton.



Ralph. The TPP must not be allowed to proceed without a clear and transparent process being made public and the opportunity given for substantial public input and debate. To do less is to allow the trading away of what little is left of our state sovereignty.

Jessie Burnette.


Charissa Snijders.

James Hay. Good work guys, Thanks.



Bruce Kingsbury, Pirate Party of New Zealand. There is so much wrong with this agreement that I hardly know where to begin. Signing TPPA would be a tragedy for New Zealand.

James S.

Dean Brown.

Saffron Toms, Green Party.

Hania Hura.

Ellie Brown.

Nancy Howie. I have just spent a year traveling around the United States, on my OE, and I felt like I was watching a civilisation being crippled under corporate influence and corruption. I fear that the same thing is happening in NZ, and it’s crucially important to me that we don’t let this happen. As a friend of mine noted, if this and that abhorrent and inhuman food bill passed, we’d be “royally screwed”. I never would have thought this possible in New Zealand.

Cushla Dillon.

Nina Larisch-Haider, TAKE  CARE  HEALTH. WE need to control our own business in this country, we don’t need that other organizations, countries or big companies decide about what we sell, what we grow and whawe plant!

Roxanne Hawthorne. New Zealander’s deserve transparency from their governmental representatives with regards to the TPPA. Our future sovereignty depends on it.

Dean Godward.

Laura Mason.

John Chapman.


Holly Mainland.

Zane McCarthy.

P.J. Jacobsen.


Richard Claughton.

Timothy Edward Berry.

Paul Brown.

Alexander Mitcalfe Wilson. People and planet are more important than profits. The TPPA will damage our livelihoods, communities and environment for the benefit of the elite.

Nico Darian.

Leslie George.

B and M Sim. We are totally opposed to this USA NZ partnership.   In no way do we wish to be contracted to the USA.

Cheri Gillett-Jackson.




James Bradfield.


Oscar Maddison. You guys already knew that absolutely noone outside of the big companies and industries would ever want this, didn’t  you? That’s the only reason you would ever keep it this secret.

Jillyan Baldwin.


Rosalind McIntosh, Zen Peacemakers Aotearoa. Let’s wake up! now to valuing and taking responsibility for our local communities, and the resources essential to our lives.


Dawn Shapira. Yet another way for the 1% to monopolize, control, and destroy our livelihood, for their benefit, not ours!

Catherine Bright. In the least, the details of this “deal” deserves to be made public, and soon.  How is it that any government, in any democratic nation, can seek to implement significant, potentially long-term changes, without the population being informed of exactly what is proposed?

Kyra Xavia. Greed coupled with shortsightedness – a tragic combination!

Graeme Obrien. No to TPPA!!!

Mattias N.Get off my lawn

Vickie Hix.

Cassandra Hutton.

Simone Cameron.

Kostas Malakasis. The freedom of the Internet is at stake. Losing Internet’s freedom will inevitably lead to losing our personal freedom.

Christophe Petitpierre, Synetic. I leave in Madagascar : In this particular kind of country, as for all the countries which are engaged in the way of the development, Internet is a smart and necessary media. In particular, the artists of these countries who can’t directly adress the majors need these media to make themselves known. Please, you must not sacrificed the financial interests of these wealthy corporations, who have gained a lot of money handsomely so far on the backs of consumers and artists, unable to imagine new business models to disseminate the culture at the best price to the consumers.


Giedrius D.

Rodrigo Muñoz.

Alexandru Ene.


Justin Huang. I am here to sign my support in the campaign against the Trans Pacific Partnership.  This is a dangerous precedent being set and I hope that protests against this become more and more widespread.

Markus Sievertsen.

Richard Perham.

Rob Hudson.

Robert Chapman.

Sam Brooke-Barnett.

Matei Vasile.


Jeremiah Shepherd.

Simon Toogood.

Frank van Wattingen.

Daniel Martinez.

Adam Cameron.

Aaron Lamb.

Daniel Lawrence.

Andreas Bech Hansen.

Julian Grønbæk.

Elmo W.

Kieran Lord.

Lau Chee Keong. Please stop TPP. SOPA was disgusting, TPP is even worse.

Thomas Lung.


Till Lindemann.

Michael B Rymers.

Clarissa Barnett.  Stop this before we lose everything! Stop it now!


Alex Barry.

Kieron Stoff.



Kevin Veale. Any laws created in secret without the consent of those it applies to is a nonsense.

Michael Boxen.

Juan Rodriguez. All we want is a free Internet.


ghjm vgtyr.

Martin H.<

Saul Whitton.


John Johnston.

Finn Stokes.

Joao Gomes.

Joshua M Q Pudney.


David Francis.

Amit D.

Thomas Paulovits. 

Sohum Banerjea.

Eugene Lee Zhe Rui.

Calvin Cattini. F**k SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and TPP.


Jonathan Baker.

Jack Haystead. This bill will cause riots in the streets. It is disgusting that our government would even consider this!

Mikkel P Kaas.

Jing Xian Ng.

Andrew Mills.


Janya Lobb.

Russel Advincula.

James Carey.

Dale Daines.

Marcus Fava.

Hebah Massoud.


Fiona Riches. New Zealanders first, not business which doesn’t benefit the people, only the already rich.

Michael. Gosh, why do they have to keep trying with these amazingly Draconian laws. Cant they just accept that we are evolving as a people to which we are releasing our materialistic views on what should be worth something and if you are taking a copy of something. What is wrong with that? If someone wants to download it, so be it, but if the item is really great then it will be something worth owning.

Simon Coey. The Trans Pacific Partnership must be stopped.

Kerry-Jayne Wilson.

Nye Goodhue.

Carolyn Marshall.

Anthony Caley.

Te Whetu McGarvey, Te Tini o Ngai TaneAtua. The nz govt has no jurisdiction/constitution ………….

Moana Flowers, Ngaitai.

Sheena McGarvey. NZ is not for sale and can’t be sold by non-indegenous peoples who create and make laws to suit them and foreigners outside our country which cause destruction and devastation of our environment and humanity.

Sharon Spencer. Stop selling off NZ to China.

David Williams.

Woody McGinnis.

Jurgen Fischer.

Margaret Kawhau.

Ricky Schamall.

Gabrielle Kearney.


Renata Pollard.

Anabelle Lewis.

Helen McNeil.

Robyn Walshe.

Jane Mackay.


Clint Tierney.

Raimund Schiewek.

Ariana Paretutananui-Tamati, MANA.

Rachel Marwick.

Celia Erstich.


Jordan Roberts.

Craig Salmon.

Tina Spencer, Mercury Bay Watch Dog.We are very concerned about this, especially the impact it might have on our ability to fend off mining interests.

Kevin Baker. Hold this ground. Do not budge lest democracy devolve into fascism again.

Renee Annan, Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki

Wayne Liang.

Diane Lowther.

Jacquie De Wet.

Dale Sattler.

B.M.Barton. This is one agreement that should not be held in secret and has all the appearance of leading up to a one world govt.

Dave Rutherford. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty—power is ever stealing from the many to the few…. The hand entrusted with power becomes … the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted Agitation can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity”. Wendell Phillips

Michelle. This is so great you have a site this … The Food Bill…The Natural Medicines Bill all about taking afway all our rights and opening up the doors for global co-operates
like Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto etc so they can wreck havoc on our great country.   together united we stand strong.
kia Kaha one and all.

Marnie Reid. Thanks for getting something up and under way, I first heard about TPP thru a video of Jeanette Fitzsimons, not good at all, I am happy to help if I can get more info out

Robert Leslie Berry. We follow Uncle Sam at our own peril!!

Katy YIakmis.

Deborah Rose.

Sigrid Yiakmis.

Ezra Holder.

Nick Taylor.

Simon Jasper.

O. Dawson.

Brendan Cameron. Globalisation and corporatisation of the world is slowly leading us to a point whereby we will be ruled by multinational companies and not our duly elected ministers. If I can fight this in any way I will as I want my children to grow up with the freedoms that we have enjoyed over the years.

Scott Barnett. The New Zealand people do not and would not want the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) ratified if they were able to realise what powers it would give to outside interests. The National Government is elected to advance and to protect the rights and well being of the New Zealand people. Signing the  TPPA will only benefit foreign and corporate interests.


Michael Jefferson.

Blair Walton.

Anne Russell.

Gail Marmont, Alliance Party. I object in the strongest terms to this secret trade deal. The process has been totally undemocratic as it has not been publicised or approved by the people of New Zealand. Furthermore, NZ’s sovereignty will be severely compromised. How dare our so-called representatives sign us away to such irreversible deals, where we will play second fiddle to global corporations. It is completely insane. I call on our Prime Minister to release the text of the TPPA.

Sina Brown-Davis, Te Ata Tino Toa. The TPPA is a direct denial of the rights of Maori as stated in the 1835 Declaration of Independence and as reaffirmed in the Treaty of Waitangi [and] the Declaration of the RIghts of Indigenous peoples . It is also a continuation of the ‘New’ Right policies of individuated colonisation. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is for the overwhelming majority of Maori is just more neoliberal economic restructuring. Maori and Pacific Island communities have already borne the brunt of such policies from the 1980’s and 1990’s.The TPPA will intensify and increase these negative economic impacts in our communities. Such programmes around the world have successfully extinguished Indigenous rights to lands and resources. The selling off of our mokopuna and their future must stop.

Marama Davidson, Te Wharepora Hou. Oppose the TPPA because our life and future depend on it!

Stacey Porter. This country was built on the very socialist sentiments that you scoff at, to provide relief to future families who belong to it.  Like hell am i going to stand by and let you whore it off.  I’m telling my whânau on you. Get a real job you greedy, bludging b*****ds. I sincerely mean that.


Jamie Rolleston.

Geoffrey Mason.

Renee van de Weert.

Sonia Corbett.

Andrew Mclachlan.


Peter Kerr. I don’t want to lose sovereignty of the country I live in to the violent world of corporate business interests. I don’t want to bequeath a world of servitude and powerlessness to my offspring, through the lack of spine in our government.

Barron Braden.

Paul Edington.

Hana Tapiata.

Dr. Jason Tylianakis. The National government is mortgaging our future. Keep up the fight for common sense!

Mike Smith.

Claire Guthrie.

Lois Wilkinson. I think this trade agreement has the potential for high undesirable outcomes for new Zealand’s freedom to act as an entity. MNCs already have a hold over many third world countries and NZ does not want to join them.

Stan Jones.

Michelle Gray. This is just another example of corporate greed , Corporte greed got the world in the economic mess its in now hence the recession.

Rowan Jeffrey.

Katherine Delaney.

Gordon William Spence.

Selwyn Yeoman. Private companies change their directors, locations, shareholdings, employment conditions and other elements all the time. They are beholden to nobody other than themselves when they do. But this proposal denies any similar kind of freedom to any government which is supposed to represent the interests of ALL its citizens – not just a small elite.Conditions change in the world. Governments must have the same freedom to respond as private companies do. Given that our government seems prepared to sign away its most important obligation we’re driven to ask what motivates its members?

Rebecca Potts.

Sue Hamill, Positive Money campaign for banking and monetary reform. The Positive Money campaign is concerned that our privatised money supply could remain private. The big four privately owned Australian banks create most of our national currency as loans – all as debt and bearing interest loans which is highly inflationary. They manage this not through legislation but through a tacit agreement with the Treasury. We are concerned that to lose this privilege would be grounds for action against the government under a TPPA.

William Pringle. In support of halting the TPPA, another guise of draconian measures by the (mainly US) corporatocracy to limit our liberties and national autonomy.

Andrew Russell. This treaty is an attempt by international corporates to engineer a treaty to perform an end run over our sovereign interests. The power of a ratified treaty will hang over the heads of our children for all time, impossible to remove and bringing in government by overseas corporation.

Peter Binns.

Abel Wood.

Frank Hawcroft. 

Anne MacLennan.

Kathryn Scott.

Joseph Ellison. What a expensive farce we are paying for.

Jackie Mc Grath, NZNO.

Gregoire Gaume, Stormwater Solutions.

Sara Rojo.

Sarah Welch.

Andy Hipkiss.

Mary McIntyre.

Hamish Daley.

Madeleine Fougere.

Angus Woodhams. I feel helpless…I don’t want our autonomy traded away to private interests….what can I do?

Bailey Peryman.

Gavin Kenny.

Amy Bassett. We need to have control over our own country. And we need to get that ‘stain’ John Key out of parliament!!!!

Daniel Toebosch.

Girvan Roberts.

Michelle Marquet.

Cindy Lee. I vehemently oppose the TPP going ahead. If we are a democracy as we are supposed to be, Prime Minister John Key needs to initiate a referendum before signing us up to an agreement which does not represent what kiwis want. We did not elect him for this reason (to run rampant with his prime ministerial power & sign us up to something that will change the way our Government works & the supposed supremacy of Parliament). The person who we elected to represent the “best interests” of the country needs to think about the PEOPLE of this country before practically signing everything this great country has to offer away to the US…

Davidvan Boldrik. Corporate greed is destroying everything we as New Zealanders hold dear.

Andrew Rose Rose.

Jasmine Taylor. 

Piet Kil.Is this the democracy USA is imposing on the rest of the world?

Kiel Adlam.

Lis Cotter.

Neil Young. This is unbelievably bad. This cannot be let to happen.

Sylvie Thrush Marsh. It is irresponsible, and shows supreme disregard for the people of NZ, to be conducting discussions, as our democratically elected representatives, that have such irreversible and far-reaching ramifications without our input and awareness. Release the details and make available information about this potentially entrenching partnership so that we can have a nation-wide discussion on its merits or lack of.

Remy Constable.

Guy Pollard.

Gabriella Turek.

David Mahon.

Brenda Bishara.

Debbie Bidlake.

Bailey Peryman.

Patrick James Ahearn. (Auckland). Once upon a time, there was a country called New Zealand.  Now this country elected leaders who believe that all its people were equal.  They encouraged people to own their own homes; it even helped them to build that home.  The education system was free yes free, including higher education.  It had the best health system in the world, great pension system best hospitals, free plunket and provided full care for the disabled, we even called each other by first name.  Now can you tell us?  Where has that country and that type of government gone.  We the people do not want New Zealand as a partner of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

P Morrissey. Would like there to be more information for the public to understand what is going on. At the moment it us the usual conspiracy theorists out there making noise… How can these claims be backed up when it is a closed negotiation? In saying that, the public (whom the government should be representing) should have free access to all negotiating documentation. Why not?What is there to hide? A few snouts in the pig trough maybe?

Ida Wade.

Dawn Gauthier. This is a bad deal for the people of New Zealand.

Asta Wistrand.

Caitlin Wheeler.

Ann Irving.

Paul De Rungs.

Campbell Sturrock.

Nick Young.

Shane Witika.

Ben Dodds.

Te Rata Taua, Maori Students University Assoc. member. We seriously need to be more radical with our approach with dealing with this government. Where the hell is the transparency? Dirty underhanded tactics are being used to undermine the people of this ocuntry. I thought this country was supposed to be a democracy. How the hell can we be a democracy when the government of this country is going to allow transnational corporations to dictate what policies and laws will be within this country. I really fear for the wellbeing of the children of this nation and their future.

Ginette Van Praag.

Phil Jones.

Stephen Blackheath. Just an activist who doesn’t accept the TPPA. I’ve recently done some campaigning on the Food Bill.


Joshua Dawes.

Emily Drinkwater.


Ken Benoit.

Bruce Rogan. I retired in order to pursue leisure activities.  I now spend 15 hours per day in what seems to be hopeless and vain efforts to shore up what is left of our democracy.

Barry Johnstone. The TPPA is corpocracy at its MOST greedy, and must be eliminated!

Erin McNamara.

Elizabeth Marks.

Lynda Walters.


Chloe MacLaren.

Matthew Cornford. Just a step too far government bros. I love you, I voted for you and probably still would if an election was run tomorrow. However, this doesn’t reflect anything that is kiwi in nature. I’m all for stabilising the economy in times of struggle BUT this affects the future as well as the present. I reckon we should let our future generations decide how they wanna run the show, not make the decision for them.

Neal Richardson. Creating laws should never be done in secret. This is not why we vote in a democracy. Democracy is about transparancy between the governors and the governed.

Lois van Waardenberg.

Maurice Robertson. In this era of mining by fracking, GE experimentation and privatisation, NZ and the Pacific should not be the experimental playpen of multinationals. We do not need foreign companies operating here purely because they would not get away with it in their base country. This agreement would open the door to repeats of the like of Dow Chemical Company’s contempt for human safety in New Plymouth, and the french nuclear testing. There is no significant advantage and too much to lose.


David Cohen. The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is out and about now with the press, and seems to be exciting very little comment, given how profound the content. It appears that the TPP seeks to contract out – in favour of external business interests – of the legislature being able to be obedient to the will of the country’s citizens. Not that they won’t be obedient (where you can get rid of them at the next election), but where they can’t because it would result in a lawsuit if the will of the citizens conflicts with the interests of business.

Angus Robson. What more can I do to stop this proposed agreement?

Murray Spicer.

Pamela Raggett.

Jennifer McLauchlan. And we are duped into thinking we live in a democracy! What a joke!  It’s time this information was made transparent & public.

Dora May Sutcliffe.

Carlos. I have had more than enough of this stealth takeover by corporations. This cannot be allowed to proceed.

Charles Blakiston. 

Benita Lawrence.

Peter Archer, Pax Christi Aotearoa New Zealand.

John Kelcher. I appreciate your efforts on these difficult issues.

Jack McCammon.

David Laundry.

Tim Wright. Keep going! The job you guys are doing under the circumstances is awesome!

Selena Prentice.

John Davy.

Matt Gilbert.

Karllie Clifton.

Hayden Johnson.  I enjoy the idea of human rights.. and people being people.. but it seems like its just an idea now.

Gavin Verhulst.

Mr Brook.

Robert James Anderson. I am opposed to any treaty agreements that would limit New Zealanders to democratically implement our own set of rules in the area of copyright, patents and intellectual property.
I think it is ethically questionable for governments elected for a limited three year term to bind the country to terms in perpetuity.  Any such treaty should need a majority of 75% of MP’s to pass as do entrenched laws relating to makeup of parliament and elections etc.

Holly Grover.

Tony Strange. Another example of the US trying to run roughshod over the rights of New Zealand to decide its own future.

Zac Painting. Keep up the good work guys, let’s bring this discussion to the centre of public attention and the people of New Zealand can see how their Government is more than willing to sell control of our nation to transnational corporations that will ravage our natural resources and our economy while we stand by helplessly, unable to do a thing. Sadly, the Government has forgotten and failed it’s primary purpose for existing. It is supposed to represent the best interests of the people but instead it regularly screws us over in the pursuit of money. They are public servants: they are meant to serve us, not their own avarice. The time of change has come. It’s time to take the power back!

Jacinta Loto. Gosh, just reading this made me angry and very scared.


Frank Wade.

Alex McCullough.

David Mackenzie.

Anna Atkinson. Its just going to result in the rich getting even more powerful and the rest of the ordinary people losing power and losing out.  The people negotiating need to remember that people running organisations are increadibly greedy, their greed will override any potential gains we could have made.

Kyro Selket.

Matthew Hatton. The TPPA is th final nail in the coffin of an independant New Zealand. Our fate is currently in the hands of a team of negotiators who are not allowed to tell us what they are negotiating, & we have no say for four years ! This should be banned & this deal needs to be stopped.

Athena Cotidis.

Tony Kidd.

Nicola Barker. Please stop this undemocrative, secretive process.  Let us all be given our voice, the voice of democracy and our right to information on what is being proposed in our countries and our world for ourselves and future of our children.

Judy Lawrence. I wonder what the Merill Lynch mob and their cronies have got to do with this?

Bruce Bevin. I am Dead against the secret manoeuvring by the New Zealand Government and John Key, our Prime Minister, who is supposed to have our Interest’s at Heart, but is Hell bent on selling New Zealand to his Banker Mates overseas!

Nathan Mitchell. Even Super Mega Uber Corp supports the right to freedom. Who are we to limit the great nation of New Zealand?

Chris Greenwood.

Linda Holdaway-Howard. This is a dangerous direction for our country. Taihoa on the TPPA.

Raymond Vogt.

Denise Hynd.

Margaret Duncan. I strongly object to traders having more control over our affairs than the resident population and even our government.

Vesper Mosley. I/we don’t wish to be dictated to for profit motives.

Dave Owens.


Bryan Pulham.

Patricia Jones. Aotearoa New Zealand must fight hard to maintain political, social, trading, legal, sovereign, environmental and military independence. This does not equate to a “fortress” mentality, but an unwillingness to cede our independence in the name of Big Business, greed, corruption and larceny, which is where the National party, and before them a misguided Labour party intends to take New Zealand. We need to consider  the welfare of our own citizens, the health of our own environment, and support and encourage the huge intellectual potential of our young people. To prioritise the above does not mean to dismiss our compassion for those international people’s needing help and a hand up. As Kiwis, we have the strength and courage to make our own decisions for the best interests of our families, citizens and our beautiful country. We must put our resources in to teaching our people about the dishonesty of the spin and propaganda which many of our politicians and corporates practice with impunity.

Jenny Horne.

F Collins.

John Howard.

Jacob Bakker. New Zealand for New Zealanders! I think this country needs a change in the way it is run, 1st mp’s should be paid an average wage, and not be in-charge of increasing and decreasing at will (did national really need that pay boost when they got in, then make us pay for it in an increase in gst); 2nd, I think the tax payer decides where their tax money goes, (have a minimum amount allocated to all the different departments, but say I want most of my tax money going to healthcare, education and the police); 3rd less exports and selling of state assets, we need to make NZ more self-sufficient.

Hazel Hodgkin.

Douglas Chubb. I am voicing my opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, as a young New Zealand citizen I am gravely concerned for our future. I strongly believe TPPA is another step in the wrong direction.

Emma Wilson-Hill. Allowing corporations to dictate laws and policies is a treacherous idea! Hey, trade might sound good right about now, but the Americans have bled their country dry of resources and ruined their patch of earth with chemicals and genetically-modified crops. Once the government opens the gateway they won’t be able to stem the flow! New Zealand and Australia are some of only countries able to say no, as the rest of the world will be forced to comply if even one country on their continent agrees to the desecration of their land with GE seeds. Monsanto is a corporation that sells poisonous chemicals and genetically-modified seed, and they will create legislation to outlaw normal foodstuffs if they manage to wheedle their way in to New Zealand farmland! Say NO before it is too late!

“That is what drives a lot of people crazy. The scope of the fraud, if you will–I know that’s a harsh word–the scope of the fraud that’s being sold to the American public about this technology is almost unprecedented” – Interview with Dr. Charles Benbrook on GMOs

Monsanto has already taken over American soil by planting their seed in farmland, and staking claims on their “intellectual property” when it blows over in to the neighbours’ farms. They take small-town farmers to the cleaners with legal fees saying that they are poaching business by illegally farming Monsanto crops (although unintentional), or force bigger farms that they can’t squash to comply with regulations meaning that farmers can’t store their seed over the winter, turning a profit from the viral distribution of their crops. They use subversive techniques to get their way, even though they know it is wrong! Even Ann Foster, the spokesperson for Monsanto in Britain has been quoted saying “People will have Roundup Ready soya whether they like it or not” (“The Politics of Food” by Maria Margaronis December 27, 1999 issue)

“For years, these guys said PCBs were safe, too. But there’s obviously a corporate culture of deceiving the public” – Mike Casey of the Environmental Working Group


Richard Anderson.

Noel J. Peterson.

MP Macnamara. Keeping watch on progress as it unfolds. Please keep us updated thanks.

Georg Stumpf. 

Cathy Zhong.

Mathew Rush. I am so sick of all the lies through omission, deception, corruption and hypocrisy of the plutocracy. The fake leaders of the fake left, the fake right and the fake revolutionaries. The fake main stream media spin, propaganda, news speak, double think and conditioning. They must and will be stopped or we will for ever be their slaves… [comment edited for length by webmaster]

Claire Breen. 

Sarah Lount.

Rich. Stay vigilant folks!

Piet Radford. I oppose the TPPA and the gross lack of consultation and transparency surrounding our government’s involvement.

Stephen Parry.

Ian Collyer.

Corey Strathern.

Denis Robinson. It dismays me how little discussion of the actual real or possible content and implications of the TPP is noticeable either on mainstream media or in society at large. You’d think signing away sovereignty and dismantling the concept of statehood would attract a bit of attention. Some reports discuss one or another small aspect like copyright issues but the overall assault on environmental protection, workers’ rights, and democratic representation, are barely touched on.

Rick Percival.


Belinda Hindmarsh.

Kathrin Lotz. This “trade” agreement is very little to do with trade and everything to do with giving corporations more power than the govt. It is the ultimate deal with the devil.

Nathan Currier.

John Image.

Liam Pratt.

Ron Oliver. There is nothing wrong with partnerships except when it is the wrong people who make them.


Jane McCartney.

Andrew Wallace. Just an ordinary NZer – very concerned about the implications of the TPPA, and even more concerned re the apparent secrecy of the negotiations.

Ma Cole. Getting into bed with the Corporate rulers of the USA, NO THANKS…

Joseph David Mitchell.

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