What can we do?

Add your voice of opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership, by signing here.

Get a group together and organise a protest or leaflet at lunchtime.  If you are in Wellington, contact TPP Action Group to stay in touch with future actions and organising against the TPPA.  If you are in Auckland, Global Peace & Justice Auckland has been active in organising against the TPPA.  If you are in Christchurch, NZNotForSale is based there.

Find out more online. In addition to tppwatch.org, further information and campaigning websites on the TPPA in Aotearoa and internationally are campaign site www.nznotforsale.org and digest site for researchers www.tppdigest.org

Read No Ordinary Deal:  Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, edited No Ordinary Dealby Jane Kelsey.  Purchase from www.bwb.co.nz or bookshops, or ask your local library to order it.

Get the word around all your networks, facebook pages, websites and media.  (For some web buttons to link to this site – click here).

Ask your MPs, local government and iwi leaders if they know what’s going on.  Demand the government holds an inquiry to bring the negotiations into the daylight

Support the education campaign on the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. Click here to make an easy, online donation now

(Photos from the protest in Auckland in December are here on nzpaimages.co.nz)


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