Sign-on letter – release the TPPA text

The open letter closed off at 5pm Wednesday 10 February, ahead of the negotitions in Chile starting Monday.

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February 10, 2011.

To Rt. Hon John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Your government, our elected representatives, say the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) you are negotiating will be a 21st century trade agreement.

For us, a 21st century agreement must address the challenges that will shape our livelihoods, communities and our planet over the next ninety years – climate change, financial instability, indigenous rights, food sovereignty, energy scarcity, pandemics, insecurity, inequality and poverty, and constraints on corporate greed.

Instead, we understand that the proposed TPPA would intrude far behind our national borders to not only restrict our financial regulation and grant new rights for foreign investors, but also limit how things like healthcare, energy, natural resources and culture will be regulated; how our tax dollars may be spent; what sort of food safety and labelling will be allowed; whether medicines will remain affordable; and more.

What you are proposing and the way it is being negotiated are undemocratic and hypocritical.

First, a TPPA would bind our domestic policies and laws for decades ahead; even when an elected government has a different mandate or faces new realities, its hands will be tied.

Second, New Zealand’s obligations under the agreement would be enforced in international, not domestic courts: as a minimum, the government could face trade sanctions if it failed to comply; and, at worst, foreign investors could sue the government in a secret international court to enforce their special new rights.

Third, you are proposing a trade treaty that gives foreign investors guaranteed rights and enforcement powers that you deny to Maori under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Fourth, you are conducting these negotiations in secret, something citizens and legislators would never tolerate for new domestic legislation. A more transparent TPPA process would provide some basic safeguards against errors and identify risks that may not be apparent to negotiators and the government. It could also help convince people that a TPPA really will replace the past trade pact models that benefitted and privileged special interests and multinational firms.

The excuse that greater transparency would undermine negotiations presumes that your proposals would not survive the sunshine of scrutiny. Even the World Trade Organization (WTO), hardly renowned as a bastion of transparency, now posts country documents and negotiating texts on its website for scrutiny. If politicians and negotiators cannot convince the public through robust, open and informed debate about what you are proposing in our name, the talks should not proceed.

We are demanding, at a minimum, that the New Zealand government commits itself to publish simultaneously on its website all documents that it tables at the TPPA negotiations and proposes to all the other the TPPA negotiating parties at the forthcoming negotiations in Chile in February 2011 that they agree collectively to:

  1. Create and maintain a public website which governments and civil society can post information and participate as equals in a dialogue and debate;
  2. Post the draft text of each chapter as it is completed to open them to expert and public scrutiny. Given the global financial crisis, the perfect starting point is the texts on investment and financial services, completed in the December 2010 Auckland round;
  3. Post countries’ position papers on specific subjects that are tabled during negotiations;
  4. Guarantee that all civil society has equal access to information and engagement with the process, regardless of whether they are supportive or critical of the proposed agreement, ending the privileged treatment that pro-TPPA corporate lobby groups have enjoyed to date.

Failure to agree to such transparency and allow for open debate will further discredit the TPPA negotiating process.  It will strip any negotiated text of democratic legitimacy and the goodwill needed from people and parliamentarians to make it work for the 21st century.

Signed by (organisations listed first)

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi
The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc.)
Finsec Union
National Distribution Union
Unite Union
New Zealand Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi o Aotearoa
Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa
NZ Not for Sale Campaign
Pacific Institute of Resource Management
Thomas Beagle, Tech Liberty NZ
Barry Coates, Oxfam New Zealand
Jim Consedine, Catholic Worker NZ
Joe Fleetwood, Maritime Union of New Zealand
Kevin McBride, Pax Christi Aotearoa-New Zealand
Suzanne Menzies-Culling, Tauiwi Solutions
John Minto, Global Peace and Justice Auckland
Kay Murray, the Alliance Party.
Russel Norman, Co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
John Ring, Democrats for Social Credit, Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs
Ian Ritchie, Palmerston North Poverty Action Group
John H Roberts, President-elect, Methodist Church of New Zealand.
Heather Marion Smith,  Executive member, Democrats for Social Credit.
Scott Walters, TEU Lincoln University
Ben Youdan, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) New Zealand

A J Copland
A Lilley
Aaron McLean
Abigael Vogt
Abigail Willoughby
Adele Geradts
Adrian Mora
Aidan Michael Cunningham
Aindriú Macfehin
AJ Foster
Alan Liefting
Alan Papprill
Alana Bowman
Alana Tobin
Alastair Duncan
Alex Cartmell-Gollan
Alex Dawe
Alexander Martin
Alick Wilson
Alison Arron
Alison Withers
Alma Rae
Amit Tripuraneni
Amy Donovan
Amy Shand
Andrés Correa Casablanca
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Casidy
Andrew de Smit
Andrew McCully
Andrew McCurdy
Andy Dickson
Andy Dickson
Andy Lea
Andy Linton
Angel Baena Carvajal
Angela Belich
Angela Neil
Angeline Greensill
Angus Clark
Anita Devcich
Anna Butterfield
Anna Fay
Anna Sutherland
Annabel Snow
Anne FitzSimon
Anne Heins
Anne Russell
Anne-Marie Keville
Annette Anderson
Annette Sykes
Annie Stuart
Aria Hirzel’Horn
Arnie Saiki
Ashton Bradley
Ataria Marsden
Audrey van Ryn
Avy Gardiner
B Clark
B T Parry
Babs Lake
Barbara Cowan
Barbara McBride
Barbara Menzies
Barbara Strathdee
Barry Larsen
Barry Littlewood
Basil Holmes
Basil Steele
Ben Clark
Ben Eyers
Bera MacClement
Bernie Hornfeck
Betty Shore
Bill Bradford
Bill Young
Birsha Ohdedar
BJ Chippindale
Brad Windust
Brendan James
Brendan Tait
Brett Slayer
Brian Edington
Bronwen Markham
Bronwyn Dutton
Bronwyn Holloway-Smith
Bruce Rogan
Bruce Tulloch
Bryan Gould
Bryn Bayliss
Buddy Rennie
Caleb Gordon
Caleb Tutty
Cally Stockdale
Caoimhe Macfehin
Carl Horn
Carla Palmer
Carlos Fernández Martín
Carol Bartle
Carol Coutts
Carol Gilmour
Carol Hirst
Carol Weitzel
Carolyn Robertson
Catherine Cocker
Catherine Gollan
Cee Payne
Celine Kearney
Cerian Wagstaff
Charles Pigden
Charles Price
Charlie Walker
Chester Walls
Chris Blythe
Chris Elliott
Chris Fanning
Chris Hall
Chris Henderson
Chris Lennon
Chris Lucas
Chris Pook
Chris Slane
Chris Zack
Christian del Valle Garcia
Christine Alexander
Christine Beardon
Christine Cave
Christine Gallagher
Christine Gallagher
Christine Ross
Christoph Hensch
Christopher Villarroel
Claire Breen
Claire Brown
Claire Gregory
Claire Waghorn
Clare Abaffy
Clare Atkins
Clare McLennan-Kissel
Claude Buchanan
Claudia Ortiz
Clive James
Colin Beardon
Colin C C Hewens
Colin Coote
Colin England
Colin Hildreth
Colin Webster
Colleen Hughes
Colleen Ryan
Craig Muir
Cyd Wright
Cynthia Greensill
Cynthia van de Loo
Daimon Pitiroi
Dale Granich
Damien Fahy
Daniel Copeland
Daniel Leal
Daniel Nepia
Daniel Spector
Danyl Strype
Daryl Green
Dave Evans
Dave Feickert
Dave McKenna
Dave Panckhurst
David B Jones
David Calder
David Chilvers
David Good
David Hill
David Holm
David Hrstich
David Jennings
David Lane
David MacClement
David Mackenzie
David Mason
David Moodie
David Moorhouse
David Nunn
David Osorio
David Parker
David Potter
David Roper
David Smith
David Stott
David Ten
David ten Have
David Thomson
David Waugh
David Zwartz
Davin George
Dean Carruthers
Dean Scott
Deanne Wilson
Deborah Rose
Dee Pigneguy
Dennis Dorney
Dennis Frank
Dennis Maga
Dennis Small
Dereck Picking
Deryn Cooper
Dez Ware
Diana Grant-Mackie
Diana Hickman
Diane Riley
Dianne Smith
Dick Whyte
Dominic Hoey
Don and Rose Craig
Don Archer
Don Fraser
Don Murray
Don Polly
Donald Scott
Donna Ngaronoa Gardiner
Dorothy Raroa
Dorothy Ruth Howie
Dot Lovell-Smith
Doug Sellman
Douglas Arthur William Poole
Dr Graeme Woodfield
Dr. G. Kleis
Dr. Jeanne Guthrie
Duncan Allan
Ed Goode
Ed Hitchcock
Eddie Cook
Edward Miller
Edward Miller
Edward Williams
Eileen Hollands
Ekaterina Tabakova
Elaine A J West
Eleanor Macfehin
Elias Sosa
Eliza Anderson
Elizabeth Nannestad
Elizabeth Reed
Elvira Dommisse
Emily Davidow
Enrique Perez Saez
Eoin Ryan
Erin Owen
Erin Polaczuk
Errol Wright
Ethan Guillen
Eunice Billot
Eva Naylor
Evin Wood
Fiona Johnston
Fiona Webster
Fleur Hirst
Frances Bell
Frances Mountier
Frank G. Pitt
Fred Roberts
Garry Hetherington
Gary Wright
Gavin Hitchings
Gay Simpkin
George Andrews
George Humphreys
Geraint Scott
Gerald Waters
Geraldine Molloy
Gerard Hehir
Gill Minogue
Gillian Magee
Gillian Murphy
Gillian Preece
Gina Moss
Glen McLennan
Glenda Fryer
Glenn Barclay
Glenys MacLellan
Gordon Jackman
Gradon Diprose
Graeme Clarke
Graeme Stanley
Grahame Andrews
Grahame McLaren
Grant Hadley
Grant Harper
Grant Haultain
Grant Morgan
Greg Brown
Greg Hart
Greg Rzesniowiecki
Greg Smith
Guus van der Staak
Hannah Hawthorn
Hannah Kerr
Hannah Timms
Haralambos Geortgilakis
Harry Smith
Harvey Jones
Heather Devere
Heather Mansfield
Heather McPherson
Helen Dew
Helen Jamieson
Helen Macdonald
Helen Nathan
Helen Sumich
Helena Fairhurst
Helene Mann
Helene Willis
Hema Broad
Hina Short
Holly Walker
Honora Renwick
Hugh Kininmonth
Huia Minogue
I Pfeiler
Ian Scott
Imogen Bassett
Ingrid Beckers
Iora Mountjoy
Ivan Kitson
Ivan Sowry
Ivan Towlson
Jacinta O’Reilly
Jack Henderson
Jack Santa Barbara
Jack Woodward
Jackie McGrath
Jackie Mitcalfe
Jackson Vogt
Jacqueline Storey
Jae Russell
James Ayers
James Bellamy
James Cone
James Samuel
James Wilson
Jamie Hall
Jamie Reeves
Jan Cooke
Jan Howard
Jan Rivers
Jane Blackler
Jane Kelsey
Jane Shallcrass
Janet Moore
Janfrie Wakim
Jason Cox
Jeanette Elley
Jeanette Fitzsimons
Jeanne I. Sheehan
Jeff Mitchell
Jeff Sissons
Jenefer Wright
Jennifer Francis
Jennifer Kirk
Jenny Campbell, QSM
Jenny Hughes
Jenny Olsen
Jenny Olsen
Jenny Vincent
Jeremy Rogers
Jess Chalmers
Jill Graham
Jills Angus Burney
Jim Mann
Jo Hall
Joan Macdonald
Joan Macdonald
Joanna Piekarski
Joanna Santa Barbara
Joanna Santa Barbara
Joanne Brydon
Joce Jesson
Jocelyn Bieleski
Jocelyn Brooks
Joe Hendren
Joel Hildebrandt
John G. Rawson
John Pemberton
John Swift
John Whyte
Johnny Liao
Jon Carapiet
Jonathan Hunt
José Javier
José Miguel Giménez
Joseph Burston
Josephine Dodd
Judit Rius
Judith H Cowley
Judith Robinson
Judy Haswell
Judy McDonald
Julanne Clarke-Morris
Julia London
Juliet Adams
Juliet Neill
June Joyce
Justin Mitchell
Kaelene Churton
Karen Davis
Karen Summerhays
Karl Andersen
Karl Bartleet
Kate Donoghue
Kate Hayward
Kate Kennedy
Kath Peebles
Katherine Ransom
Kathleen Guy
Kathleen Walsh
Kathrine Ross
Kathy Higgins
Kathy Viney
Kay Jones
Kay Weir
Kaye Hearfield
Keith Symonds
Kelly O’Shea
Kelly Thompson
Ken Spagnolo
Kent Fredric
Kerry Montgomerie
Kerry Tankard
Kerry-Jayne Wilson
Kevin Keys
Kevin Mayes
Kieran Monaghan
Kimberly Moore
Kit Howden
Krista Eichers
Kristy Robinson
Kurt Sharpe
Kylie Zinsli
Laura Macfehin
Laura Voces Granda
Lauren Hourigan
Lauri Lee In-Jung Shore
Laurie Ross
Lee Bisset
Lei Clifford
Leigh Cookson
Len Richards
Leonie Morris
Lesley Day
Leslie Kenton
Letitia Moorhouse
Levi Joule
Linda Barnes
Linda Gilmore
Linda Hill
Linda Mead
Linda Woodgate
Lindsay Powell
Lisa Benson
Lisa Er
Lise Strathdee
Liz Robinson
Lloyd Woods
Logan Carter
Logan Dobson
Lois Griffiths
Lois Hampstead
Loran Curle
Lorina Harding
Lorraine Lobb
Lubin Rains
Lucinda McConnon
Lucy Hawcroft
Lucy Rennie
Ludmila Sakowski
Luis Fernando Martínez
Luis García-Caro Andreu
Luis M. López
Luke Cartmell-Gollan
Luke Christensen
Lusi Schwenke
M Clare Pierson
M Tompkins
Mairi Gunn
Manfred von Tippelskirch
Marama Mayrick
Marcel Armand
Margaret Gwynn
Margaret Jefferies
Margaret Swift
Maria Crequer
Marian Lyders
Marian Lyders
Marie Russell
Marie Tern
Marie Venning
Marilyn Head
Marilyn Head
Marilyn Kelly
Marinus Paul Achterberg
Marisa Maclachlan
Marja Kooreman
Mark Caukill
Mark Houghton Brown
Mark Laffey
Mark Roberts
Mark Skelding
Mark Wendelborn
Martin Griffiths
Marty Mars
Mary Glaisyer
Mary Ingle
Mary Rose
Mary-Ann de Kort
Maryanne Mechen
Matthew Budd
Matthew Fitzsimons
Matthew Whitehead
Mattie Wall
Maxine Gay
Maxine van Oosten
Megan Brady-Clark
Megan Norquay
Melanie Stephen
Melissa Hunt
Michael Fleck
Michael Forrest
Michael Gilchrist
Michael Hamblett
Michael Neill
Michael Swann
Michael Taylor
Michael Wallace
Michal Neudek
Michelle Ducat
Mick Kelly
Miguel David Quintero
Mike Cook
Moana Maniapoto
Moea Armstrong
Mojo Mathers
Murray Harris
N Green
Nan Seuffert
Nancy Isabel Hammond
Nat Clark
Natalia Williams
Natalie Arnold
Natalie Wilkinson
Natasha McCombe
Nate Walker
Nathan Rea
Nathan Rushton
Nathaniel Lees
Necia Johnston
Neil Abel
Nic Hart
Nicholas Mayne
Nick Bagnall
Nick Pak
Nick Reedy
Nick von Dadelszen
Nicola Charlotte Spicer
Nicola Davies
Nigel Dean
Noel Ferguson
Noeline Gannaway
Oliver Hoffmann
Oliver Mannion
Oraina Jones
Orchid Tierney
Oscar Alberto Ramirez Espinosa
Oscar Gonzalez Aguilar
Owen Thompson
P.J. Clarke
Pablo Valladares
Pamela Gerrish Nunn
Pamela Lim
Pamela Nicholls
Pania Roa
Paora Hunia
Pat Bolster
Pat McNamara
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott
Patricia Smith
Patrick Doherty
Patrick FitzGerald
Patrick OFlaherty
Paul Alexander
Paul Callaghan
Paul Hickman
Paul Maunder
Paul McLennan-Kissel
Paul Rollin
Paul Waite
Paul Williams
Penny Howard
Peta Joyce
Peter Aimer
Peter Barrett
Peter Grace
Peter Hosking
Peter Mathyssen
Peter Rayner
Peter Sherman
Peter Sumpter
Petronella Townsend
Phil McNeale
Philip Vincent
Philippa Ferguson
Philippa Jamieson
Phillippa Martin
Prue Hyman
Rachael Fone
Rachel Mackintosh
Rachel Peach
Rae Martell
Raewyn Alexander
Ralph Body
Rawiri Daniels
Ray Ikitoemata
Raymond George Ross Nairn
Rebecca Matthews
Rebecca Middle
Rebecca Potts
Redford Easton
Regina Daly
Reihana Haronga
Rev Rilma Sands
Ricardo Suasnavar Solano
Richard Drysdall
Richard Fuller
Richard Gliddon
Richard Keller
Richard London
Richard Sutton
Richard Thomas
Richie Morris
Riemke Ensing
Rik Bazeley
Rob George
Rob Ritchie
Robert Ashe
Robert Howell
Robert J. Wilson
Robert Moore
Robert Nola
Robert Reid
Robert W Walker
Robin Campbell
Robin Gwynn
Robin Plummer
Robin Wilson-Whiting
Robyn Harris-Iles
Roger Bryant
Roger Bryant
Roger Collins
Ron Kjestrup
Rosalie Feleti-Ivala
Rosemary Fitzpatrick
Rosina Lambert
Roslyn Hiini
Ross Dellow
Ross Kendall
Roy Granich
Royce Goddard
Ruben Galera
Rudd Hughes
Russell Harris
Russell Skeet
Ruth Gerzon
Ruth Jackson
Ryan Blair
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Kennedy
S. Osborne
Sally Mabelle
Sally McDonald
Sam Huggard
Sam Stephens
Samantha Clifton
Samuel Walker
Sandra McLean
Sandy Hildebrandt
Sarah Barker
Sarah Delany
Sarah Granich
Sarah Lawrence
Sarah van der Burch
Sarah Watson
Selwyn Clarke
Sergio Salamanca
Seth Hickling
Shane Conman
Shane Gallagher
Shane Kawenata Bradbrook
Shane Shaw-Williams
Sharyn Black
Sharyne Gordon
Shaun Scott
Sheryl Cadman
Shirley Greer
Shirley Scarlett
Sibylle Schwarz
Simon Arnold
Simon Bishop
Simon Lyons
Simon Mehana
Simon Noble
Simon Oosterman
Simon Seymour
Simone Oettli
Simonne Likio
Sophie Mackintosh
Sophie McMillan
Stanley Sims
Stephanie Harawira
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Day
Stephen Howard
Steve Bradley
Steve Waller
Steven Westoby
Stewart Cossey
Stewart Lawrence
Sue Berman
Sue Garrett
Sue Plowman
Susan Healy
Susan Kahaki
Susan Lean
Susan Stewart
Susanne Vincent
Susie Spiller
Suzan Hunter
Suzan Phillips
Svend Andersen
Syd Keepa
Tai Paitai
Tama Easton
Tamara Beckingham
Tania Ngatai
Tanya Newman
Tao Wells
Tapihana Shelford
Tarek Hussain
Tatyana Protsenko
Teresa O’Connor
Terry Sumner
Thomas McMillian
Thomas Owen
Tighe Instone
Tim Antric
Tim Archer
Tim Howard
Tim McCreanor
Tim Nicholas
Tim Prebble
Tim Ratcliffe
Tina Smith
Tom Finlayson
Tom Taylor
Tomas Bisset
Tony Gabolinscy
Tony Hamilton
Tony Hawke
Tony King
Torfrida Wainwright
Travis Dacombe
Treasa Dunworth
Trina Randell
U Signer
Val Hibbert
Valerie Morse
Vernon Tava
Vesper Mosley
Vicki Irons
Vickie Worthington
Victor Billot
Victoria Davis
Vikki John
Viola Palmer
Viona Crowley
Virginia Ward-Brown
Vivienne Shepherd
Wende Jowsey
Wendy Harper
Wendy Revell
Wieland Hartwig
Wiki Shepherd-Sinclair
Will Robertson
William Daniel Watson
William Pareja
Wolfgang Fassbinder
Yvonne Duncan
Yvonne Summers
Yvonne Underhill-Sem


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